June 21, 2024

Custom ties are so necessary - why do I say this?

There are many reasons for this which I will list as follows:

  1. Custom ties are representative of a brand, company, logo or institution for example school ties or corporate ties.
  2. Custom ties are a tool to use for recognition, for example school ties. School ties and school blazer badges are the only 3 items within a traditional school uniform that point out which school the student belongs.
  3. Custom ties are an acknowledgement of a fashion aswell. For example, a brand may do ties in a certain design or style or theme- these are also custom ties.
  4. Custom ties are used to denote a specific event or happening for example they could be used as types of school ties for old boys(old boys ties) matric(matric ties) or even a sports team- usually when it comes to sports ties or school ties being custom ties, it would be done for the top teams, so in other words 1st 15 etc.
  5. Sports ties are also without a doubt custom ties and so are school ties, and all types of school ties are included under this description. The reason I say this is that essentiually, custom ties are exclusive to a specific thing or reason or event etc and are customized accordingly.
  6. Most tie manufacturers are understanding of the process involved in making ties and they understand that each and every tie made is essentially exclusive and therefore they are all custom ties.
  7. Custom or customised is a very important term when it comes to ties and also scarves whether they are corporate scarves or even fashion scarves because it is essential that tie manufacturers understand and respect the fact that virtually every tie manufactured is what we call bespoke(made for the client exclusively) or custom made as one could also say so with this in mind, it is an unwritten law amongst tie manufacturers and scarf manufacturers that one does not use a bespoke to client design for another customer. Each new project is exclusive to the client and should not be copied or repeated for another client. The design can be similar, it can have a similar theme but it cannot be the same otherwise the term custom ties and custom scarves is out of the window.
  8. I guess it would be fair to say in the same theme that one book can never be exactly the same as another even if it has excerpts in it from another book which should always be acknowledged by the way because if it the same then it is tantamount to copying which is not acceptable. The same applies to custom ties and custom scarves in that tie manufacturers may follow a similar theme or style but there should never be such a close resemblance that one custom tie or custom scarf looks the same as another, just with a different name or company logo.

So with all of this taken into account, it is necessary to understand and accept that custom ties and yes, custom scarves are incredibly necessary purely for the very meaning of the word or term custom.

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