June 19, 2024

Do You Need A Tie Manufacturer?

So what does a tie manufacturer do?

Well- they make corporate ties, custom ties, school ties, club ties, matric ties in fact, pretty much every type of tie you can imagine.

Apart from that, they also make ladies scarves, corporate scarves, custom scarves and again, pretty much every kind of scarf you can imagine.

So why my initial beginning to this blog about a tie manufacturer?

The reason for starting off like this is simply that the world doesn’t understand that we are facing a dire shortage of good tie manufacturers in SA and also around the world.

It is a very specialist type of clothing manufacture and also I might add, not the most popular clothing related trade or profession that young people like to associate themselves with- its possibly not cool being a tie manufacturer? Personally, I think its really cool to be a tie manufacturer just because it is such a specialised craft and such a wonderful way to spend a day making ties or scarves- being a tie manufacturer or a scarf manufacturer for that matter.

I do understand why most young people who spend their youth dreaming about making clothes or designing clothes would not want to become a tie manufacturer, perhaps they see it as a dying trade or profession which in a way I guess it could be except that it is on a very slow path of death simply because the popularity of ladies scarves and mens ties, whether they are custom ties, corporate ties, club ties or matric tie or any type of ties or the ladies scarves being corporate scarves or custom scarves that they will never completely die anyway.

Ties and scarves a re a traditional part of most peoples wardrobes, even the most bizarre dresser possesses at least one tie or one scarf- one never know does one!!

So with just about everyone around the western world owning one or more of these items, it stands to reason that there will always be room for a good tie manufacturer or scarf manufacturer or both as they normally are anyway.

I can though understand that a little girl doesn’t really grow up dreaming about making scarves and likewise a young man making ties but never the less, there is a place in the world for a tie manufacturer and always will be in our life times.

The concerning thing though and my greatest concern about all factories time manufacturer related is that they are becoming fewer and less people are interested in the craft and are moving on to more lucrative things within or without the clothing industry, they are looking for more of as future and simply more of everything, which you cannot blame anyone for wanting to do anyway.

So the fact is that one day, not in our life times, there will not be tie manufacturers, perhaps there will be a way invented to make a tie without human imput which I can well see happening and is perhaps a topic for another discussion.

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