June 12, 2024


There has long been a very important question in the world of custom ties and corporate scarves.

This question revolves around who makes custom scarves.

The reason for this is that one never hears of a custom scarves or corporate scarves manufacturer whilst we do often hear of custom ties manufacturers.

So naturally, one would not necessarily assume that tie makers that make custom ties also make custom scarves or even corporate scarves.

However, for the most part, I do have to say that the majority if tie manufacturers or tie makers do actually make custom scarves aswell, simply because the two items are so closely related and also because of the fact that very often when one orders custom ties or company ties, one also orders custom scarves.

The process of manufacture, although completely different does have some similarities and it would be rare for staff trained as tie makers not to be able to make up custom scarves aswell.

It is just part of the trade or profession and it would be taught as part of the process, they are duel and go hand in hand.

The process of tie makers making up custom ties or school ties or corporate ties or any ties for that matter is involved and can become complicated to say the least as it really is no easy feat for tie makers to make ties, never mind custom scarves.

When one considers the difference in the manufacture process between custom ties and custom scarves, one realises that there are huge differences in the process involves- well, of course there are, one requires pieces to be joined together to make something long and skinny whilst the other involves only one piece of fabric and trilling up the edges to finish it off so it can be called by its name custom scarves.

However, let me throw into the mix another item, this being branded socks and ask the question. Is it possible for tie makers to duel produce or manufacture custom scarves and branded socks at the same time?

Well, this is such an interesting question because I for one am very much in favour of a factory floor having more than one discipline attached. The reason I fell this way is that I have seen, through my own experience what happens to a factory that is focused on a specific production process such as custom ties or custom scarves or even branded socks and the product loses its momentum in the market place, demand reduces and for example, tie makers come under pressure because of lack of numbers and are unable to cope financially and end up having to let go some of the tie makers they trained for so many years which them means that a skill is gone- wasted, no more to be retained because the tie makers go on to find alternative employment, so my feeling is that although we will go into much more depth on this subject at another time, it is possible for tie makers to make custom scarves and branded socks.

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