April 2, 2024

The Difference Corporate Socks Or Branded Socks Can Make

One might be inclined to ask what corporate socks and branded socks have in common.

Very simply, the following:

Corporate socks are specifically made to order by a certain corporate or company wishing to promote its brand or company via the use of corporate socks. This would entail the name of the company or their brand or both being applied either by print or through the knitting process of corporate socks.

Branded socks are socks made in order to promote the brand or company or both. Branded socks are generally manufactured for either a fashion brand or for a company wishing to promote its brand via the use of branded socks.

For some companies, promoting their brand via a branded sock brings in huge income because of the fact that the items, being branded socks, are sold in order to promote the brand as a fashion item.

We all know that there are many brands that are able to maximise significantly on price based on the brand value and one way of doing this is via branded socks amongst other items.

So effectively then, a branded sock is a sock manufactured with a name or logo with the express intent of profiting from that item and at the same time ensuring brand exposure simply from the item being worn and noticed and then liked and sought after in a retail or online environment.

So then on that basis, a branded sock is definitely not a corporate sock or is it?

I would take this discussion further by suggesting that corporate socks can most definitely be  branded socks simply due to the fact that many corporate socks have branding relating to a specific item or items that the company might sell.

So for example, if a screw driver company decides to order corporate socks with pictures of their screwdrivers and the brand name all over it then they could well be classed as both corporate socks and branded socks because although first and foremost they are corporate socks, they are also branded socks because of the fact that they promote a specific brand or brands- exqactly the same concept as your well known clothing brands may use except for different reasons.

One to be purchased and given a way and the other to be manufactured and sold for the highest profit and to further elevate the brand.

The concept is the same, the end result is different.

On the other hand, can one say that corporate socks can also be branded socks- well yes, simply by applying the above logic, it stands to reason that both corporate socks and branded socks can actually be the same thing, with a different outcome expectation.

So with this in mind, it becomes important when designing corporate socks to ensure that the socks are wearable and that the branding is acceptable to the wearer to such an extent that they will be worn on a regular basis.

The secret of  good branded corporate socks is to ensure wearabilty and acceptance from the wearer which intrinsically is exactly what the fashion brand is trying to achieve with their branded socks.

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