January 18, 2024

Tie and Scarf Manufacturers: A Look at the Challenges Ahead

Tie manufacturers in their entirety both locally and globally are few and far between.

They span various countries with the majority of them – you guessed- China! Needless to say, China probably has more tie manufacturers than the rest of the world put together.

On thinking this through, it seems to make sense that if the majority of brand name items are made in China- well let's say that they were, probably still are. But one has to wonder for how long will this continue.

Simply because tie manufacturers operating in China are being faced with a couple of dilemmas.

One is that more and more people are being tertiary educated and don’t want to work on a factory floor.

Another is that wages have increased significantly in China since the USD one-a-day sad debacle that for a long time was present in that country.

I am also not saying that a similar situation doesn’t still exist in certain parts of the country where slave-like wages are being paid.

After all, we know that slavery is on the up and up and there are more slaves now in one form or another than ever before- how sad given how far our world has come.

Is it because there are more bad people or opportunists now in the world who are engineering this sad situation?

Also, I have to say that I doubt that tie manufacturers are excluded from this group of individuals who are paying really low wages.

Anyway, I digress from the topic of tie manufacturers.

The fact is that more companies are having to pay not only more for wages and raw materials but also for factory space, electricity and pretty much everything required to be able to operate as tie manufacturers.

Please understand that when I speak about tie manufacturers and with no disrespect to those wearers of scarves, virtually all tie manufacturers are also scarf manufacturers. It's just a natural lead on any part of their business.

Tie manufacturers and for their own part, scarf manufacturers are becoming a rare breed because of the reasons I have given you but there are a few other reasons for the difficulty that lies for example in a country like China and one of them is that people want to live in the bigger cities and the fact is that many of the old and traditional tie manufacturers and scarf manufacturers were never really based in the big cities because of the costs involved.

I might also say that it doesn’t only go for tie manufacturers, this applies to many different manufacturers including, of course, scarf manufacturers.

The main reason for traditional tie manufacturers futures not being overly rosy is that apart from the fact that the tie and scarf markets are shrinking, it also boils down to the fact that people are no longer prepared to spend months away from their families working in a smaller, out of the way city while their families are living in the bigger cities looking for work or having their own small or big businesses.

So the long and short is that for tie manufacturers and scarf manufacturers, the future is tough going in a way.

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