January 11, 2024

Understanding the Dynamics Between Tie Suppliers and Manufacturers

Tie Suppliers are not the same as tie manufacturers.

The reason for saying this is that one does not need to be a tie manufacturer to be a tie supplier and likewise, it is also not necessary to be a tie supplier if one is a tie manufacturer.

This may sound strange and a bit confusing but let me explain.

Many tie manufacturers are not tie suppliers because they are CMT operators, so in other words, these types of tie manufacturers are not tie suppliers because they only make the ties, they don’t sell them, somebody else sells them who are generally known as tie suppliers.

Likewise, if my business fell under the description of being tie suppliers only then it is unlikely that I would make them because I would be more focussed on sales and marketing.

Therein lies the biggest difference between tie suppliers who don’t make their own ties and tie manufacturers who don’t sell the ties they make.

Quite simply, tie suppliers will focus only on the sales and marketing aspect of ties whilst tie manufacturers will focus mainly on the production side of ties.

These two different processes although when joined in matrimony work extremely well are not related and this is why. Especially in a smaller country or environment where one does tend to find CMT operators who are tie manufacturers but not marketers and sellers of ties.

In bigger countries where there are simply more wearers of ties, it would be proper to expect that factories specialised in both sides of the process, especially the bigger operators because it is a far more profitable road to walk than paying a middleman to make up the ties or be the tie manufacturer. Then, there is now another person or entity involved who is adding expense and so reducing profits or increasing prices which as we all know is not the right step to take if one wishes to maximise one's business opportunities.

So as I said, in bigger countries, or those countries that supply most of their product overseas, one would expect that the whole process of being tie suppliers and tie manufacturers would be a combined process, normally under one roof handled by salespeople, marketing people and production people.

The fact is that these three entities will always need each other because the salesperson is normally not a great marketer, like wise, a marketer is usually not great with sales. This leaves one other function which is so critical to the process but generally not that good when it comes to sales or marketing, these being commonly known as tie manufacturers who are generally strictly involved with the manufacturing process only.

So again, when you split them all out, sales and marketing have little to do with production and are functions that generally try to ensure customer satisfaction.

However, it is safe to say that we need all of these entities involved to help create the success of an operation and to make sure that the product is sold, made and delivered to ensure a successful entity.

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