December 18, 2023

Who Uses Branded Socks and Their Impact on Identity?

Branded socks are underrated, to say the least. There are so many different types of branded socks around, one would never dream that the simplicity of the item is in many ways genius.

Why do I say this? Branded socks have been an item for years and years, branded socks can come in the form of a sock with a brand ie: a well-known fashion brand that has decided to put their name to branded socks as they have done with branded ties, branded scarves, branded shirts and suits and even branded underwear.

So the idea of an item that is actually quite confidential (I agree, not along the lines of branded underwear) but who on earth discusses branded socks I ask you?

In sports, virtually all types of sportswear that have value are branded, either with the name of the company sponsoring, yes, this branding or of the actual brand itself- you will forgive me if I don’t bring actual brands into the mix but we all know what I am talking about.

So, branded socks are one of these items. Golf for example is an ideal example of a sport that promoted branded socks. In warmer countries, where golfers generally wear shorts to play golf, they will also, most of the time, wear a short pair of branded socks, normally with one of the golf or sports brands somewhere on the sock to be seen.

So wearing branded socks also promotes image. Image-conscious people who like to be seen wearing the brands will, as far as golf is concerned, most certainly be buying a pair or many pairs of branded socks to wear with their branded shirts, shorts, caps, shoes and any other item that would generally be worn on the golf course- notwithstanding branded sunglasses of course!

So really from this perspective, branded socks fall into the category of branded items used for a specific purpose.

Another area of branded socks is, of course, schools- schools, even though they don’t generally put the name of the school on the sock, do generally have a specific colour and most often stripes in one format or another.

These stripes or colours if one considers the scenario carefully, are actually brandings to tell the wearer, their teammates and on lookers, that they all form part of a particular team or school for that matter given that most school socks are also branded.

So branded socks in the form of striped socks are very much a real branded item that acknowledges a specific thing- maybe not a famous brand, but certainly the first team rugby, hockey or netball players and for that matter every other person participating in a sport or just wearing a normal school sock, also known as branded socks.

There are many other applications for branded socks that I can think of but I will leave this discussion for another of my special blogs on branded socks just to give you an appetiser, let's think about company socks, security socks, Christmas socks, birthday socks, special event socks, product socks, socks as general gifts that have a theme or come in a themed box.

Till next time, please keep wearing your branded socks!!!

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