November 14, 2023

The Remarkable Story of Custom Ties: From Croatian Soldiers to Corporate Identity

Custom ties are a much-in-demand item. Custom ties encompass so many different types of ties but actually, all custom ties are related in a way because they all lean towards a design being that of custom ties.

Custom ties have been around for many, many years- in fact, since the onset of ties or cravats as they were initially called in the 17th century when worn during the 30-year war in France by Croatian soldiers hired by King Louis X111.

Custom ties were launched one could say at that very time and in order to make them custom ties, the fabric which I might add was nothing like today's custom ties are made from, was dyed in different colours to denote for example rank or group/battalion to which the soldiers belonged. So the colour denoted who each person was and to whom they belonged.

Bearing in mind that these were hired soldiers, not French soldiers, their patriotism was not really towards France but more towards one another.

Just as soccer or rugby teams wear jerseys that are different colours, so did the Croatian soldiers wear different colours to denote their belonging.

So at the end of the day, if one considers this wording Custom ties, the root of the meaning of custom ties could actually mean to belong to or be a part of.

And so it is for companies who use corporate ties or security companies who use security ties or schools (school ties) or club ties or any type of custom ties that belong to a group, are really custom ties.

And so all school ties for example are custom ties as are corporate ties as they depict a belonging towards a certain group or membership.

When King Louis X111 employed these mercenaries from Croatia and he saw the wonderful cravats they were wearing, he liked this idea so much that he adopted them as his own version of custom ties and so colourful ties and scarves were worn around the palace and around town, sometimes to denote the person’s belonging and sometimes just to be worn as a fashion item.

Hence then, custom ties gave birth to fashion ties.

So when one asks what came first, custom ties or fashion ties, it becomes evident using this logic that custom ties in the form of the cravats worn by Croatian soldiers gave birth to fashion neckwear in the form of colourful ties or cravats as they were initially called as well as wonderful scarves worn by the ladies and very often men.

It is so interesting to delve into the background of certain subjects to be surprised as to how things came about in the first place.

Who would have said that custom ties were invented by Croatian mercenaries, initially made from colourful pieces of fabric ties around the individual's neck to promote belonging and recognition.

What a wonderful thought- all those rough and tough soldiers would turn in their graves most probably if they had to see what they had invented had become over time, especially given some of the designs one sees when looking at custom scarves!

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