November 9, 2023

Tie Manufacturers and the Art of Resilience in a Changing World

Whilst tie manufacturers may not be ten a penny, there are certainly many of them around worldwide.

Tie manufacturers exist because quite simply, ties will not die, they remain a common and often worn item of our daily or at least weekly dress.

Chances are that at some point, ties or school ties could get to the point where there is little use for them other than as school ties but I think we are still a long way off from this happening.

Tie manufacturers remain well versed with full production lines for the most part and they seem to continue on and make a decent living for the most part.

Tie manufacturers, especially those who manufacture school ties or corporate ties are always busy and it would seem that those tie manufacturers specialising in fashion-related ties and scarves are also busy for the most part.

I guess if one thinks about it, most men’s clothing stores stock men’s ties and most school stockists stock school ties and the same goes for ladies' clothing stores, especially the more up-market ones stock ladies' scarves, so without a doubt, the opportunity for selling items such as corporate ties, school ties and fashion ties remains an excellent business to be involved in.

Tie manufacturers for the foreseeable future don’t have too much to worry about with regard to ties becoming extinct and I do believe that even if that does happen at some stage, it will not happen suddenly, there will be a slow gentle curve towards people dressing more causally and not requiring neckwear to be a part of their dress.

Ladies I think will take even longer simply because ladies' scarves serve more than one purpose as they not only are used to keep a lady looking smart but are also worn to ensure some warmth around the neck.

When it comes to tie manufacturers and school ties, I remain a stalwart thinker and believer that the life of school ties will be around probably for much longer than for example fashion ties or corporate ties. My reason for saying this is simply that there is so much tradition involved in the wearing of school ties that it is almost impossible to see certain schools not having school ties as part of their uniform ensemble.

Wow! How does one go about removing school ties from so many schools' uniform repertoire, it just seems almost impossible that this would ever happen.

School ties and as a result of this, tie manufacturers are so entrenched within schools and so necessary that the actual product is school ties. As well as the people who make them, tie manufacturers, are such an important cog in the wheel of day-to-day school uniforms. Without school ties and tie manufacturers, where on earth would we be? We would be up the paddle without an ore.

Can you imagine, especially the older more established schools allowing their learners to parade about the school grounds or outside of the school perimeter not wearing such a thing as school ties made by the local tie manufacturers with much thought and love for what they do?

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