November 2, 2023

The Power of Branded School Ties: Building a Stronger School Identity

Branded ties are a part of tie history. As far back as one can go to the days of the Czechoslovakian cravats, there were branded ties.

Branded in so many ways such as with your fighting battalion pasted all over the cravat(tie) to show those ones who came across where the other man’s allegiance lay and of course, because of this, many lives were lost and taken by the other man who didn’t appreciate what that man stood for or represented.

Branded ties are so important because they represent just about the whole tie world.

When I say this, I mean that branded ties are used by just about every educational institution, sporting institution, club, church, company, fashion house and not least of all schools which obviously do qualify as educational institutions but in their own way as opposed to tertiary educational institutions.

But the fact is that branded ties represent all of these areas and believe me, I have missed many in my above mentioning of various groups who are wearers of branded ties.

So, getting down to brass tacks with regard to the real meaning of what are branded ties, let me give one example.

We have many old schools in our country, with a long and proud history, some creeping closer to 200 years old and there may well be a school out there that has already passed this mark.

All of these schools in one way or another have school ties which essentially are branded ties. You may ask why they are branded. Well in fact, from the name of the school right down to school houses, sports and academics, they are all basically brands.

The school is a brand, the houses in their own right are brands. Why? Quite simply if you ask an old boy or girl which was their house, in most cases they will tell you with absolute price the name of their house and may even have one or many pieces of clothing or insignia denoting that particular house, least of all a school tie or branded ties.

Every part of a school or tertiary institution essentially becomes a brand which is marketed for what it is and all the parts make up the whole brand being the school or other institution.

So this means then that a school for example is made up of many different brands being the school as a whole.

All of the houses and all of the parts of the school are knitted together to make up one big brand being the school as a whole.

Branded ties are similar from the point of view of school ties because again, one gets the main school tie, the flagship of the brand. Then one gets the house school ties, academic ties, sporting ties and all kinds of other ties which are all part of one big brand.

School ties and thus branded ties are amazing pieces of clothing representing the brand they promote being the school.

Branded ties worn by schoolgoers are special and as such should always be given the respect they deserve.

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