October 16, 2023

Behind the Knot: Exploring the World of Tie Suppliers in South Africa

Tie suppliers in South Africa are all part of a very small niche of individuals who either make the fabric, print the fabric, make the custom ties or simply market and sell ties made by those tie manufacturers.

Either way, they are all tie suppliers in one form or another.

Tie suppliers are a breed of their own, dependent on a chain of supply either fully owned or part-owned or zero owned by themselves.

Some of the biggest tie suppliers in this country and in fact the world have no manufacturing or production points at all, they simply rely on 3rd parties to manufacture and produce everything for them.

This is fine actually because generally, a person who specialises in production and manufacture has very little idea about selling and marketing and the same holds true for the other way round.

I have also to say that there is not a lot of trust between tie suppliers in this country and it probably extends to a global situation. We are certainly not all friends and there is an obvious protection of business.

Tie suppliers, especially from a school ties perspective, really only have one function and that is to ensure that schools receive their ties as ordered on time and in time for the new term or new year.

Tie suppliers don’t really have to worry too much about anything else, it’s a matter of following up from the past year. We are only as good as the last delivery we did, so tie suppliers have to make sure that they are on the ball with following up, staying in contact and making sure that the school does not open the New Year without ties or the new term if the school only wears school ties in winter which is the case in many schools.

Tie suppliers are required to be very specific with their order-taking abilities and even more specific when passing the order through to the supplier.

Tie suppliers need to be aware of the required length and width of the custom ties, they may also be bobby knots or at least some of them may be bobby knots.

The design needs to be correct (school ties come in many different colours and designs within a school), for example, one of the better-known schools in the Western Cape has over 60 different school ties, so when receiving the request or order from a school for a particular tie, it is paramount to for the correct custom ties to be put into production, so attention to detail when taking the order and then putting it into production is paramount.

Tie suppliers also need to pay particular attention to the date of requirement of goods. Sometimes the client requires the ties for a particular function on a particular date and to late deliver is not an option.

Of course, from the tie suppliers perspective is the importance of quality, packaging and delivery.

In the intricate tapestry of South Africa's tie supply industry, tie suppliers play a crucial role in seamlessly connecting schools with their unique neckwear. In this world of threads, precision, and elegance, tie suppliers continue to weave the fabric of success, leaving no room for loose ends.

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