October 3, 2023

Custom Ties

Custom ties are ties that have been made specially and uniquely for a company or organisation for example a bank or an airline.

Custom ties are designed with an end result in mind, this end result is to ensure that the company, institution or organisation receives maximum mileage from the design of their custom ties.

It is not difficult to generate a huge impact with custom ties simply because there are no limits as to what can be done when it comes to the design of custom ties.

Logos, colours, motifs, storyboard design, why anything is possible and actually all of the above can be used in the design of custom ties even if it would look rather busy!!

Custom ties are celebrated within many institutions, companies or corporations with much fervour because they signify the identity of the entity.

Custom ties are often seen to be mirroring the individual, responsible for briefing the design to the tie manufacturer from a personality perspective, by this I mean for example it would be highly likely for a conservative person to want to create a conservative-looking tie and vice versa, for a more outgoing person, they may wish to do something funky and really fashionable.

But when it comes to custom ties, really, anything goes as long as the person responsible for ordering their custom ties keeps in mind that custom ties must always reflect the needs of the company or institution before they reflect the needs of the individual ordering them or wearing them.

By this, I mean that custom ties are put in place to put across a certain message to an outsider who may look at the tie.

This means that custom ties need to do the following:

  1. They need to reflect the persona and character of the name behind them, i.e.: the company whose name or logo features on the tie.
  2. The design should be something that makes sense which means that whether it is a fashion-type design for example a banking tie which is chosen or implemented to ensure that the whole ethos of the business is reflected in the design.
  3. If the custom ties are logo ties, they should reflect the logo in its entirety in at least one position in the tie. The rest of the tie can be designed using bits and pieces of the logo if this is allowed by the company but as I say, in at least one position, the logo should be fully shown.
  4. Colours should tie in with the company colours for example, it would not make any sense for one bank whose corporate colours are blue to be ordering ties or entertaining designs of red ties as per the colours of another well-known bank unless, of course, there is a hidden meaning behind the reasoning for the tie to reflect the colour of one of the other bank!
  5. The make-up of the tie should also reflect the company. Custom ties should be well made, they should not twist, they should not be too thin or too thick and the length and width of corporate ties should be correct for the occasion.
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