September 25, 2023

School Ties

School ties almost have a double meaning. By that I mean the term school ties can be defined as actual school ties as worn by school goers or it could also mean that school ties create a link or a bond between the schoolgoer and the item which essentially represents the school for which it is made.

So what I am getting to here is the fact that school ties are more than just another piece of clothing or another item within the school uniform, they hold a tremendous place of importance by their very nature.

Whenever school ties are worn by students, they create an identity for that student or if you will, a link or belonging to the place at which they do their studies.

School ties also create a bit of advertising for a school simply by being worn.

A good example of this would be the students who go to the local supermarket wearing their school ties, they are instantly recognisable as being from a certain school provided of course that one knows or is familiar with schools and school ties in the area.

So people who walk past them may well have gone to the same school and boom! Straightaway, they recognise the school ties and they straight away form a link or bond or have something in common with the individual or individuals who are the owners and wearers of these school ties.

Certainly, for myself and I have been out of school for many, many years, whenever I see a young person dressed in the uniform of my old school I get a good feeling. Its almost as if the fact that they are wearing school ties gives me a tremendous feeling of unity.

It takes me back to my year of being at school and wearing school ties, I straight away begin to reminisce my days of being at school and some of the things I, together with my friends got up to, some of the fun times we had and some of the not so fun things we did or got done to us such as the cane which I know no longer exists, I know but I do wonder if at the end of the day, the cane wasn’t such a bad thing as long as it was used responsibly.

It is also possible why we cannot resist when we drive close to or next to our old school, to stop the car and take a walk around- although today that is really difficult to do as most schools have big fences and security points of entry, so without a valid reason one cannot enter anyway to go and do some sentimental strolling.

So school ties evoke many good feelings when they are seen being worn by current students, casing us back to the good old days when we were reasonably free of the pressures and stresses of grown-up responsible adult life.

So school ties really do have the ability to take us to all sorts of state of mind when recalling the past and when we wore the same school ties!

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