August 28, 2023

Corporate Ties

Corporate ties have long been an “In Thing” for many corporations and companies.

As far back as I can remember, corporate ties have been the fashion element of formal corporate dress for men.

Then corporate scarves were added to this valuable item in many shapes and forms using many different types of fabric.

Corporate ties however, whether they are printed or woven have stayed in demand for many years and although these days, not nearly as popular as they were at one point, very much because to a large extent formality has disappeared out of the window in most corporations.

Although this is not a bad thing, it does however take away the opportunity for those who would like to dress up for work by labelling those individuals in a way if they do dress up.

Although companies and corporates do still maintain a dress code it is often very lax and whilst they say no shorts or t-shirts etc, this is often not adhered to by certain departments which further puts the future of corporate ties in a dubious position.

If we go back a bit in the history of corporate ties we will find that initially, corporate ties stemmed from the fashion tie and at some point and who knows when and maybe it happened in many different places at almost the same time which is most often the case with things like this, somebody in their wisdom must have said “ how about we put our company name on this tie I am wearing”? and then one or other junior would have been given the enviable task of finding somebody who was able to put a company name or logo onto a tie.

And then leading on from there, this particular now corporate tie manufacturer would be in business as just that being a manufacturer of corporate ties.

This probably happened about 70 years ago or more so corporate ties and the significance of them as an item that add some form of value to a company, its uniform or brand has certainly been going on for many years and will do for many more.

Corporate ties are here to stay in one form or another.

I will explain my reasoning for saying this- whilst corporate ties per se are a minute item globally compared to say 30 years ago, the fact is that many institutions still wear uniform which includes corporate ties and for that matter corporate scarves.

These institutions being for example banks, insurance companies to a degree, security firms and many of the large retailers which I might add, make up a huge and significant percentage of the employed workforce.

So whilst the corporate tie exists now far more as uniform corporate ties as opposed to straightforward corporate ties as previously known, the fact is that corporate ties are corporate ties as they all serve pretty much the same purpose.

The purpose that corporate ties serve is to identify the company or corporation by being worn by the employee as a means if identification thereby creating a strong bond or sense of belonging amongst staff.

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