July 7, 2023

Tie Manufacturers

The main issue with any type of manufacturing these days is that it is becoming harder to train and multi task staff in a factory environment.

The reason for this is because the trend is moving more towards employers wanting to focus their staff on single disciplines and not multi disciplines.

The reason for this is simply that it is quicker in the long run for a factory to have  certain teams doing certain parts of the manufacturing process so for example, one may find a team focussing on one part of the garment whereas another team will focus on another part and so on until all the parts get put together, alternatively, it can also be that the garment takes shape as it goes along the production line through the different phases until it is complete.

So it is with the average tie manufacturer that they also adopt a similar process to the make up of a tie or scarf. The tie manufacturer will ensure that each and every person within the factory environment, working for the tie manufacturer are competent in some or all of the different phases involved in the manufacture of a tie or scarf.

From the perspective of the tie manufacturer, the tie is a much more difficult item to make than a scarf however, the scarf requires a certain amount of finesse and exactness when stitching the edges to ensure that the tie manufacturer creates a quality item.

In most factories, staff are competent in more than one discipline of the process of clothing or garment manufacture and so it is with the tie manufacturer.

A good tie manufacturer will ensure that their staff are more than capable of handling several or all of the disciplines related to the construction of a tie or scarf in order to ensue that as a tie manufacturer, they are always in a position to produce the whole tie or scarf if one or more staff members are not at work or in attendance on a specific day.

In fact, the difference between a good tie manufacturer and a bad tie manufacturer is probably exactly this, in that the strength of the operation lies in how well each staff member is trained which then as a whole or a group of individuals, makes up a complete team that is able to allow the factory to make the claim that they are a bona fide tie manufacturer.

The tie manufacturer who lacks in this area of training, will most likely or even most definitely have a factory that is not adequate as far as overall training and efficiency is concerned and because of this may not really earn the right to actually call themselves a true tie manufacturer.

World-wide, this would be the norm but it would tend to be more specific in developed manufacturing environments where more money is spent on training and equipment where the owner of the factory making ties could truly call them selves a tie manufacturer.

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