July 3, 2023

School Tie Manufacturers

School tie manufacturers are part of a special and quite elite group of manufacturers.

Especially those school tie manufacturers who specialise only in making school ties and not corporate ties.

Although, this would be a very unusual situation as most school tie manufacturers are also corporate tie manufacturers, I suppose it would stand to reason that if a factory can make a good quality school tie then they can also make a good quality corporate ties.

The issue with school tie manufacturers is that they are not able to focus only on being school tie manufacturers because the business of school ties will be always be seasonal, so this means that if school tie manufacturers insist on only making school ties then they will not always have work on hand, so in a way, school tie manufacturers will always be manufacturers of other ties and let us not forget scarves- ladies corporate scarves.

I would say that over the years, school tie manufacturers have probably become a little less busy than they were at one point, the reason for this is that there are numerous factors that have influenced manufacturing in this country over the years.

For example, there are several schools who’s ties are not manufactured by South African school tie manufacturers but rather by factories in other countries- China being a huge number of school tie manufacturers.

Local school tie manufacturers are becoming a rare breed, they are so specialised in what they do and actually for the most part so very good at what they do that we are going to have a huge problem on our hands when our current school tie manufacturers decide to call it a day and go off to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

I for one am quite concerned when this time finally arrives because there are simply no replacements of any decent kind of standing ready to take over the mantle from this wonderful current crop of school tie manufacturers.

School ties in South Africa are still a huge part of the overall school uniform and although it is not to say that school ties always have to be a part of the school uniform, it is extremely important from a tradition and uniform perspective that schools currently wearing school ties, continue to wear school ties for many reasons- pride, recognition, belonging and so the list goes on and this is why it is so important that there are always school tie manufacturers in this country to supply this very need to schools that have a tradition of wearing school ties.

The wearing of school ties is also important from the perspective of school ties becoming fashion ties and corporate ties worn by previous wearers of school ties made by school tie manufacturers.

It goes without saying really that the tradition of wearing school ties made by school tie manufacturers is far more far reaching than we can ever comprehend, there are so very many facets to a school tie and the wearing of school ties that we don’t ever really consider, and why should we I suppose?

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