June 30, 2023

Corporate Socks

Corporate socks are such a wonderful handout to clients as well as staff. Corporate socks are a hugely strong advertising and marketing tool if used in the right way.

Corporate socks are without a doubt a really good value for money band enhancement tool and there is no question that when received, a pair of corporate socks really goes down well.

One of the big benefits of something like a pair of corporate socks is that they have a real value aspect attached to them, so in other words corporate socks represent a monetary value to the recipient.

All too often, this doesn’t really mean a lot but the fact of the matter is that no matter how much money we might have, we all appreciate a freebee, its really good to get something for free, even if we decide to give it away at the end of the day.

I for one, whether it’s a pair of socks, a pen or something much, much bigger am really happy to be the recipient of any gift and as I say, whether I decide to keep it or pass it forward is irrelevant because at the end of the day corporate socks either as a gift to a staff member or as a handout to clients is a gift i.e.; something we don’t pay for and something we can decide to keep or give a way or pass forward.

I am not sure where corporate socks became a recognised branded item but I have a feeling that corporate socks may have originated from corporate uniform socks which at some stage may have been branded with the company logo and from there, lead to a more advanced model of a corporate sock.

Quite simply. It’s a no brainer to hand out a pair of corporate socks, they are one of the cheapest handouts a company can invest in but at the same time, corporate socks are valued well beyond their actual cost as we are used to paying a fair amount these days for fashion socks which essentially are exactly the same as corporate socks from a yarn and knitting point of view.

Corporate socks are novel and on the part of the entity handing them out show quite a lot of thought and boldness in having corporate socks made up for handing out purposes.

Logically, for many people under financial pressure, a pair of corporate socks received is equitable to cash in hand because corporate socks represent an item that would otherwise have to be purchased.

So its not bribery of any sort because there is no cash changing hands and the recipient receives a branded pair of socks for advertising purposes, corporate gifting is perhaps for another discussion because I do believe that many corporate gifts skim the surface of being something way more than just a corporate or institutional give away, some gifts really do have huge monetary value attached to them but a pair of corporate socks? No, I don’t think so!

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