June 26, 2023

Custom Ties In The New World

By new world, I probably mean post Covid and 5-10 years prior but for custom ties it may be a bit longer.

So, what are custom ties?

Custom ties are in essence any tie that is custom made, which could relate to corporate ties or even fashion ties or branded ties, in fact anything really that has a custom design, make them custom ties.

So, whilst most people referring to custom ties really mean corporate ties or sports ties or even club ties, it can pretty much mean anything with a specific design made up at the request of someone requiring custom ties.

On this note, we should further examine the existence of school ties and ask the question as the whether school ties are also custom ties.

In my mind, there is no doubt that school ties are actually custom ties, although not really meant as custom ties and by that I mean that school ties were never meant as advertising or fashion items but were and still are meant to be a part of the school uniform and there for traditional purpose aswell as to create a level of belonging by the very nature of the tie.

However, this doesn’t really stop them for being custom ties as they were designed at some point to be unique to the school requiring them, so by their very essence, they are custom ties.

Without digressing too much though, it is important to state that whilst a school tie may qualify as custom ties, they are not essentially meant as custom ties.

So, then what are true custom ties?

If we really break it down, custom ties are the same as branded ties, produced very much for the same reason and that is to be unique and belonging to one entity.

Not to say that another entity cannot adopt a custom tie but I would put that at a level of plagiarism in a way, I mean, how can one entity copy another entity’s custom ties unless they are perhaps part of the same group of organization.

This then leads me onto other types of corporate ties which serve the purpose of what I was talking about in the last paragraph, i.e.: having the same custom ties for one entity or organization but with a small change made for example, company X may have 3 divisions, one supplying pumps, one supplying solar panels and another supplying widgets.

The person in charge may wish to have group custom ties which represents the holding company but individual custom ties which represents the divisions.

So, in essence, all the ties are custom ties but represent a unit or division within the group and are as such denoted on the tie.

So, the design of the custom ties could be the same with the wording below the logo changed for pumps or solar or widgets, hence the same design of custom ties denoting the division, and this happens a lot for sure.

Adding to this, the same goes for schools very often as they will for example request custom ties to be made with the same design using the logo or crest of the school but denoting the sport e.g., golf or rugby which may be worn by achievers who for example make the first teams- this is a motivator to all concerned.

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