June 5, 2023

A New World Of Branded Socks

Branded socks have been a thing for many, many years, in fact probably from the modern outset of sock manufacturing when we were able to knit in designs or some form of stripe of denotation of anything relating to branding.

Now of course, things have changed again because we are now able to manufacture branded socks by printing onto a plain white polyester sock.

So this in itself transforms branded socks and puts them into another realm where we can brand just about anything onto a sock.

Traditionally, socks including branded socks have always been knitted and not printed but I guess printed branded socks are fast becoming the new norm.

The only real negative with printed branded socks are that they are more expensive to manufacture but do not breathe as well as cotton rich socks which is the norm with branded socks.

So what are branded socks?

Simply, branded socks are any sock with a logo or element or wording that turns it from a fashion sock into branded socks serving the purpose of doubling up almost like an advertising tool.

Branded socks in a way could also be striped school socks and the reason for me reaching this conclusion is that schools have different stripes so the very nature of a striped school sock is to perform the function of branded socks by showing where the wearer goes to school- this is of course on the basis that the other person know which stripes the school uses for their socks.

Perhaps, even more than this is the fact that stripes on socks apart from transforming them into branded socks also serves to make up the uniform which is an important part of any school requirement in one way or another.

I am digressing however, so lets get back to the true meaning of branded socks and where they fit in our new world.

Well it is suffice to say that more and more young people enjoy wearing funky socks designed with one or other way out design, for example if it’s a golf sock, it could be little cartoon golfers allover a boldly or vividly coloured sock which somehow and very quietly have worked their way into being acceptable in a golf club environment as part of accepted dress code for gold clubs.

So humorously, branded, funky way out socks are not part of accepted attire at most golf clubs which is awesome when one really thinks about it!

But branded socks also refer to more serious aspects of why branded socks actually exist and by this I will elaborate a little more.

Many companies have opted for the route within their branding campaigns of emploting the use of branded socks to get the message across.

From insurance companies who wish to gift their clients by posting them a pair of socks(in days gone by I might add!) these particular branded socks in question had the name and logo of a very well known insurance institution written on the foot of the sock with an attractive design, not branding related on the balance of the sock.

So this was very much a subtle way, using branded socks to get the message across and at the same time say thanks for your business!

I could go on and on about branded socks because they really are an interesting topic and so, I will do that but at another time!

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