March 27, 2023

Tie Manufacturers (The Strength Of A Good Operator)

Tie manufacturers around the world unite!!

There is nothing more valuable as far as ties are concerned to experience a tie made by good tie manufacturers.

Tie manufacturers, especially good ones are few and far between. Its really hard to find good tie manufacturers these days and primarily because its very much a low profile type of profession.

People don’t leave school or qualify from tertiary to become tie manufacturers, so I am not saying that it is a dying industry by any means whatsoever, in fact, far from it.

The art of tie manufacture is fast becoming a highly sought after requirement because quite frankly, especially in the western world and Africa, not many factories are dedicated to being tie manufacturers, in fact, there are factories that do make ties, good or bad, I am not sure but they also make other clothing so the truth is that in this case, they are not dedicated tie manufacturers as we know the term.

The term is multi faceted or multi purposed and that doesn’t really constitute the true meaning of being tie manufacturers per say.

So back to the original discussion regarding tie manufacturers and their function, or should I say their true function if they are or are not dedicated tie manufacturers.

Dedicated tie manufacturers are those factories or work rooms(let me make it quite clear that tie manufacturers do not have to have huge big factories, in fact far from it, these days very often, the most successful of tie manufacturers are running their businesses as work rooms and not so much as factories, I think that the word factory infers the term industrial.

These days with a smaller number of ties being made, big tie factories, apart from the Far East which is another story all together as they continue to produce ties in the thousands and often hundreds of thousands to be supplied all around the world, mostly for fashion requirements to be sold in upmarket mens clothing stores or retail outlets specializing in more formal types of clothing, well these set ups are genuine tie manufacturers with all of the latest technology available to them in order to make the process much easier and more starighforward.

Bearing in mind also that these tie manufacturers are able to produce ties on a daily basis way in excess of the smaller type of operation that we have locally in South Africa, in fact they are able to produce thousands of ties a day as opposed to our factories locally that if they are lucky can make up not too many more than 1000 units on a good day.

So this really tells us that there are 2 types of genuine tie manufacturers, these are firstly and not necessarily in this order, the larger tie manufacturers who have a heap of modern technoclogy available to them and rely very much on highly mechanized equipment to make ties with the minimum of human element required as opposed to our local tie manufacturers who are extremely reliant on labour to fulfill the requirements of the tie manufacturers and as I said, many of these operations are work rooms as opposed to factories which is ok, as long as they are able to make their required number of ties to a certain standard(as there is a lot of rubbish out there that get sold as what is known as a tie, but its not, its just a skinny piece of fabric posing as a tie).

So in short, tie manufacturers consist of all types of operations from small to big, which is great as long as at the end of the day, they can produce a tie and be worthy of being called tie manufacturers.

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