March 24, 2023

Custom Ties (The Benefits)

Custom Ties are a very necessary part of any uniform, club or institutional dress.

Custom ties do the job of ensuring that the wearer of the tie has some form of recognition and that the parson talking to or dealing with the wearers of custom ties have the opportunity to know who they are talking to and whom they represent.

So, for example; Custom ties can be worn by school learners, club members, security staff, hotel employees, funeral undertakers, school teachers and in fact pretty much any entity who choose to wear formal garments such as custom ties.

Custom ties from a design perspective are developed with the sole purpose of ensuring that the name or entity or reason for why the custom tie is being worn is clearly demonstrated.

So if the custom ties are made for a school then the wearers, being the learners, will wear the custom ties to show that they are part of the school, that they represent the school and also so that whomever comes into contact with them will know exactly where they are from.

The beauty of custom ties is that once one is worn, it is not really necessary to wear any other form of uniform that will promote the school name or emblem.

So for example, if one takes a security company who gives their staff custom ties to wear, that tie should be enough to ensure that the person they are dealing with understands where they are from and which entity they represent.

Very often, especially when the item is affordable to the wearer or parents thereof, and more so in schools that are known for the tradition, a school blazer will also be worn to add impact to the custom ties.

However, it is well known that more often than not for various reasons such as it being a hot day or a game of soccer on the field, the blazer will be removed, but rarely the tie. Custom ties somehow just seem to stay on the wearer and don’t come off until they return home and get changed into something a little more comfortable!!!

The real benefit of Custom ties is that they can be designed in such a way that they absolutely reflect the image and meaning for which they are designed. By this I mean that there is no limit really to what can be achieved in the design of custom ties, the world is pretty much one’s oyster when it comes to what can be achieved and it all depends how bold or fashionable or conservative one wishes to be in the design of these custom ties.

So essentially, the real benefit of custom ties and the design thereof comes from what can be achieved within the design of the tie to promote whatever is required.

If traditionalism is required, this can be achieved, if sending a strong bold message is needed, then this can also be achieved, if the emphasis is on being subtle- no problem, the designer can make this happen, so as you can understand, pretty much anything can be done to ensure that custom ties are representative of what the customer requires in order to create the right outcome which lets face it is paramount to the overall success of the custom ties.

As long as there is a competent designer involved and as long as the client has the correct information and colours available and that they are fairly clear in their thinking of how it should look, then generally the design of custom ties to the point of a successful outcome is pretty much guaranteed to be successful.

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