March 20, 2023

Corporate Socks- The Value To A Business

Corporate socks are not one of those items or pairs of items that often get spoken about!

Many people would ask- what is a corporate sock? It may have more than one meaning, others of which I am sure, I have to say!

However, the corporate socks to which I refer are quite simply a sock or pair of socks designed with reference to a company logo our product that they wish to promote withing the body of the corporate socks.

Corporate socks are without doubt one of the best and most effective ways to promote one’s company or brand.

Why do I say this?

Quite simply,

Corporate socks are received in most cases with pride.

2. Corporate socks are a low cost item made to fit into most marketing budgets

3. Corporate socks are an item with a higher value perception than actual cost which makes it a good marketing purchase from the point of view that it is perceived as having far more value than the actual cost- this represents good value for money from a corporate marketing spend.

4. Corporate socks are generally well worn by the recipient, so with this in mind, it then becomes a high value marketing tool offering extreme value for money from a spend perspective.

5. Corporate socks are generally of a good quality- although this is very much up to the supplier, it is generally found that corporate socks are well made, well constructed and comfortable- the reason for this is that in order to produce advance design work on a sock, the machines need to be fairly sophisticated, so with this in mind it stands to reason the level of sophistication will result in a better quality design and overall end product.

6. Corporate socks are fun and innovative and often seen by the recipient as new and fresh.

7. Corporate socks are bold from a corporate give away perspective for the reason they are different, not the usual and also quite personal.

8. Corporate socks represent a value, by this I mean that a good pair of corporate socks will replace the need for the recipient to buy another pair thus resulting in corporate socks having a financial value to the recipient.

9. Corporate socks are a cost efficient marketing tool- there is little that can be purchased and still branded for the cost of corporate socks.

10. Corporate socks are without a doubt innovative, different and novel as a marketing tool.

When making or designing corporate socks it is important to keep the following in mind.

1. Corporate socks work best when the design suits the purpose, by this I mean that it isn’t always the best thing to have cartoon characters all over corporate socks being handed out but funeral undertakers, likewise it makes no sense at all for corporate socks the have a really serious theme when the reason for making them is a fun reason.

2. Corporate socks will rarely portray the company logo in exactly the same font, lay outs or colours- this is because of machine limitations when the sock is being knitted as well as

availability of all available yarn colours. It is impossible for corporate socks manufacturers to stock every single colour so generally, they will use the colour most suited to the actual colour required.

3. Generally, factories that manufacture corporate socks require biggish volumes, normally from around 300 pairs upwards for the exercise to be financially viable.

4. Corporate socks can often entail a fairly long lead time due to the process involved in manufacture.

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