March 16, 2023

Tie Manufacturer- The Secrets

As a tie manufacturer, it is well known amongst our community that in order to be a consistent tie manufacturer, one has to have two things- the right equipment and the right staff.

Equipment is most important as the production of ties by a tie manufacturer is intricate and quite difficult to perfect, so without the right machinery and equipment, it becomes extremely difficult to be a successful tie manufacturer.

The most important equipment for a tie manufacturer lies in the choice of brand, where the machine is made and by whom it is made, it doesn’t help as a tie manufacturer to buy cheap and then experience ongoing issues on a daily basis that cannot always be solved by the tie manufacturer and that requires a technician at a cost that may well exceed the profit for the day.

If this happens fairly often, it erodes into the profit of the tie manufacturer, eating up the funds the tie manufacturer has accumulated for payment of staff, rent, electricity, water and all other requirements that businesses are subjected to on a daily basis.

The cost of a technician or mechanic to repair faulty equipment can be exorbitant and so in order for the tie manufacturer to avoid these costs it becomes absolutely necessary to ensure that one purchases the best possible equipment that is going to be reliable and stand the test of time.

I am not going to go into which brands are better than others, this would not be advisable on my part but suffice to say that it makes sense as a tie manufacturer to purchase the best one can afford in order to avoid unseen problems that cannot be fixed by the tie manufacturer themselves.

On another note, and no different to many other small factories, the factory manager or in this case, the tie manufacturer often becomes extremely adept at repairing machines and equipment, more often out of necessity to save money than anything else and I have often heard stories of a tie manufacturer or a factory manager that have ended up becoming technicians fixing everybody else’s issues, this not uncommon!

When it comes to employing the right staff, it is important that a good tie manufacturer takes notice of the quality of people they employ.

It is not necessarily the most important thing to employ an experienced person, as a new staff member(machinist) can be fairly quickly trained by the tie manufacturer as a competent operator and maker of ties and scarves, the secret of finding good staff is to look for how enthusiastic they are about what they do, how pleasant their demeaner is as it is important as a tie manufacturer that a new person fits in with the other staff members so that friction and internal issues are avoided as far as possible.

The name of the game as a tie manufacturer and for that matter any other form of manufacture is that the end product needs to arrive on time according to specifications expected by the tie manufacturer.

In order to achieve high specifications and results, it is necessary to have a committed workforce who enjoy, as far as possible what they do and are committed to the task ahead for the day.

The most successful factories are not necessarily those who work like clockwork with scant regard for staff and their personal issues, but rather those who take the time to ensure that their staff are well trained and happy doing what they do.

As a tie manufacturer, the best results and the best quality come from staff who are committed to the task.

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