February 7, 2023

The Secret To Good Tie Manufacturers

South Africa historically is a country accustomed to having a number of tie manufacturers.

This is due to the fact that in the late 60’s up until the late 80’s corporate ties were a huge part of corporate culture and in order to satisfy the requirements of these big companies, it was necessary to have a number of good tie manufacturers in place which was the case, specifically back then.

As a result, there continues to be a few good tie manufacturersthat have remained in place, some since those days, so you can only imagine the depth and experience that sits within these businesses, that once gone will never be replaced.

Quality Tie Manufacturers

Going back in time, tie manufacturers in this country worked with high level equipment which was imported from all over the world, mainly Europe to assist with the proper makeup of ties and scarves.

One of these pieces of equipment to assist tie manufacturers was called a Liebe machine, which still exists today as the foremost piece of equipment true tie manufacturers can possess.

However, those machines these days are way beyond the affordability of the bulk of tie manufacturers locally and so they have resulted to handmaking and hand finishing ties which from a tie manufacturers perspective is fine, but ultimately, the question posed is “can one compare the quality of a tie finished on a liebe machine as opposed to one finished by hand.

Very often, it would be possible in certain parts of the world to have a handmade tie come out looking better then a tie manufactured partly using specific equipment designed to help in the manufacture of ties.

However, in South Africa, I am not convinced entirely for the most part(not including all tie manufacturers) that this is generally achievable here.

The attention to detail required in making a tie by hand is significant and one must remember that the tie needs to be consistent when made, each and every time.

Tie manufacturers who do make by hand (and again, I say not all tie manufacturers) especially the less experienced and adept tie manufacturers will battle to achieve consistency on an ongoing basis.

In South Africa, tie manufacturers vary in size from one person operating from their home up to factories employing several staff turning our up to thousands of ties in a day.

Tie manufacturers in South Africa are always up against the excellent quality provided by tie manufacturers located in the Far East so when it comes to fashion for example requiring an excellently made tie, very often, the Chinese or similar tie manufacturers do win in this area because they make a better product for the most part(again, this does not apply to every local tie manufacturer)

Taking all of this into account, it is also fair to say that not every school or business requires a tie to be made by tie manufacturers at the same level, there are reasons why there are tie manufacturers who make a lesser product at a much cheaper rate and this simply boils down to affordability from the clients part.

If the client cannot afford the cost of a tie made to the highest local specifications, then they are forced to use tie manufacturers who specialize in turning out a cheaper product and without a doubt, there is a place in this country for all types of tie manufacturers, simple economics dictates this happening.

A Conclusion by one of the leading tie manufacturers:

In ending, my final thoughts on the secrets to good tie manufacturers makes me realise that good tie manufacturers are not always price and quality based, they are very often operating to serve a much needed requirement by the customer to pay less and not more for a school tie.

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