December 15, 2022

School Ties - Fabrics

School ties, like any other ties such as corporate ties or fashion ties are usually well made.
Sometimes, school ties are not always well made, it really depends on who makes them and what the particular tie manufacturers expertise is when it comes to the making of school ties.
School ties consist of different fabrics and different applications.
A cheaper option of school ties will be school ties that are made from gaberdine which is a stretchy type of cheaper fabric. These school ties do the job in most cases and ensure that it is a cheaper purchase for the parent.
Another type of fabric used to make school ties is called mini matte which is also a cheaper option of fabric but really makes very nice school ties.

If one wants to go with the best fabric for school ties, then one will use polyester satin fabric which is the best fabric that one can really use for the construction of school ties. This fabric is also used in corporate ties as it prints well and looks good.
Added to this, when one uses a gaberdine type fabric, the tie can either be plain or embroidered. Most school ties made from this type of material will be embroidered which for the most part as far as schools are concerned, does the trick.
It shows the school colour, being the background fabric colour as well as the school logo which is what most schools wish to achieve if they are doing these types of school ties.
If one opts for a mini matte tie, then the tie will either be printed as a striped tie or will be printed as as school ties with the school colours as well as a logo.

It is more expensive to print with a logo as this type of printing onto school ties needs to be done in panel form whereas, striped ties can be done in continuous print which is slightly cheaper to produce and the yield is better when the fabric is being laid up be the tie manufacturer.
When it comes to satin, primarily this more classical fabric is used for special ties such as matric ties or sports ties, the reason for this I guess, is because it is a more special occasion which demands a more up market fabric which does in many cases give more appeal to the tie.
In fact, the majority of matric school ties are printed on satin fabric.
It would not be usual to print stripes only on to satin fabric to be used as school ties, this would be a waste of fabric and in this case, it is better to use a mini matte fabric.

It really depends on the school principal or parent teacher body in most cases as to which route they should go when deciding on their school tie or perhaps even more importantly, when deciding on new school ties or replacement of current school ties.
I have to say that many school ties as traditional as school ties are, need to be looked at for revamping, it is important that in all spheres of life we keep up with changing times and whilst most schools are reluctant to change their current school ties or even consider any kind of design change or revamp, it is really refreshing to see new school ties put into place.
However, whichever way schools decide to go with school ties, there is no doubt that regardless of the type of ties a school has adopted, having school ties is better than not having school ties at all.

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