December 12, 2022

Tie Manufacturers- The Challenges

Its common knowledge that the tie worn for formal purposes and made by tie manufacturers is not what it used to be simply because we are now wearing more casual attire in many work places.
However this does not deter tie manufacturers from still making a fine product which is suitable for both corporate ties, fashion and school ties.
What has happened however, is that tie manufacturers have become fewer and most often they will combine production with another line of clothing.

The reason for this is that tie manufacturers are all too aware that ties and scarves can often be seasonal, especially when it comes to school ties, which means that tie maufacturers factories are not always busy so with this in mind, it is important for them to find something that has some form of synergy that can also be made in the tie manufacturers factory.
Tie manufacturers are professional at making sure as far as possible that they keep their factories busy, this imperative because if they don’t they will no longer be tie manufacturers as they wont have a business.

This is because the bulk of costs for tie manufacturers is labour and the only way to profit from labour is to ensure that the lines are always busy.
The moment a tie manufacturers factory has no work, they are immediately paying wages with no income which is dangerous and a recipe for disaster.
Because of this, we have what we call in the school tie and corporate tie industry within our factories, what is called “duck or no dinner” which simply put meand that there is always too much work or too little, rarely a happy medium.
Blessed is the tie manufacturers factory that has a constant flow of work but for the most part, this does not happen.

In reality, this does not happen in any factory, so it is safe to say that a tie manufacturers factory is no different to any other clothing factory, they all sit with the same duck or no dinner issue.
The tie manufacturers factory that remains full with constant flow is more often not local, but perhaps more in the Far East where they would tend to deal more with fashion tie manufacturing as opposed to corporate ties or school ties.
By specializing in fashion ties, most tie manufacturers factories in for example China, ensure that they remain full for the most part of the year because they are making and sending ties all around the world.
Tie manufacturers are a special breed, they stand above many other clothing manufacturers because of the process required to make a top quality tie.
Please keep in mind here that I am talking about tie manufacturers who produce top quality product whether it ne school ties, corporate ties or fashion ties, I am not referring to small room operators with a few machines who sew everything by hand.

Having said that however, there are some fairly good tie manufacturers that do sew manually, in other words, they don’t use advanced technology to help them make the corporate ties or school ties such as Liebe machines and fancy stitching machines, many tie manufacturers do get by without this equipment because of the huge cost involved in purchasing them.
In South Africa, loadshedding is obviously a huge concern for tie manufacturers as it is difficult and expensive to carry on using generators etc.
There are many challenges that tie manufacturers have these days but still, many produce quality ties and scarves that are worn with pride.

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