December 5, 2022

Challenges Of School Ties Manufacturers

School ties manufacturers are a very rare breed of individuals.

School tie manufacturers are a very rare breed of individuals. In fact, there are so few school tie manufacturers in South Africa that it sometimes amazes me how every school manages to get their school ties. School tie manufacturers work under extreme conditions for the simple reason that school ties are so seasonal. There are only really two times during the year that the demand for a school tie manufacturer becomes apparent, these times being towards the end of the year, so from around August to December to ensure supply to those schools wearing school ties on a full time basis in other words summer and winter, and then again form Feb to May for those schools whose learners wear school ties with their winter uniform.

School tie manufacturers therefore have to survive on a total of around 9 months of production time over a period of a full year with the period from October to December becoming extremely pressurized, especially pre shut down for about one month or so.Also, it is not easy for school tie manufacturers to maintain up to date equipment because quite simply, they do not make the money to be able to afford to purchase expensive equipment and so, school tie manufacturers resort to having to maintain their machines by them selves, which means that as well as being CMT manufacturers, they also have to become machine technicians to avoid the cost of outside maintenance.

I say all of this because it is a concern that there may become a time when school tie manufacturers become extinct, purely because of the cost involved in maintaining machines and the very real pressure they are under to get all of their orders out. School tie manufacturers are used to working under pressure, this is a fact which obviously goes unnoticed by the purchaser. The process of making a school tie is extremely involved, a process has to be followed in order to ensure that a decent product comes out of the other end of the production line and the current load shedding issues don’t make this task any easier, which by the way applies to all factories who are affected by load shedding.

School tie manufacturers have to ensure that the quality of lining used to make a tie is correct in order that the tie can have body although many school tie manufacturers will not use lining at all in the cheaper school ties in order to cut down on costs. One can see this purely from looking at a school tie and being able to determine how well the tie has been made simply from the lining inside the school tie. The stitching of a school tie made by school tie manufacturers is also extremely important as this governs how long the tie will last and how straight it will hang to a degree, however, there are other aspects to a school tie that need to be carried out by school tie manufacturers to ensure that the school tie does hang straight.

So if one thinks about a school tie, it is really only 2 pieces of fabric that school tie manufacturers have to be able to sew together to end up with a product that is wearable for at least a year and often the whole school career(primary and high separately) so the emphasis on school tie manufacturers is to ensure that they make a product that can last the test of time which is something only truly tried and tested school tie manufacturers can achieve with a level of consistency. Let it be said that being a school tie manufacturer is not an easy task and whilst it is fulfilling to look at all the ties at the end of a production run, it is a constant challenge to ensure quality.

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