September 30, 2022

Tie Manufacturer

Tie manufacturers or factories are throughout the world, which goes to show that ties are still very much a worn clothing item globally.

Tie manufacturers or factories are throughout the world, which goes to show that ties are still very much a worn clothing item globally.

Tie manufacturers do of course vary from very basic(garage type set up with a couple of machines geared to make cheap low end ties with no lining) right up to huge, modern factories with expensive equipment including automated machines such as liebe machines to assist with a more speedy construction.

But all in all, whether we are looking at the basic tie manufacturers or the more advanced tie manufacturers, they are all really, at the end of the day, tie manufacturers fulfilling different needs and requirements.

It doesn’t necessarily require a lot of machinery or equipment to become a tie manufacturer, sewing machines, overlockers for scarves and one or two other pieces of equipment will suffice, but the most important thing is that whom ever is making the tie, needs to understand what is involved in making a tie.

In other words a good tie, made my good tie manufacturers (big or small) needs, when completed to hang straight and not twist, it needs to be the correct length and width on both ends.

Good tie manufacturers are specific about the lining they use, it needs to be of a decent quality, it cannot be too this or too thin, otherwise the tie looks too bulky if the lining is too thick and the knot becomes very large and likewise, if the lining is too thin, it hangs badly, has no body and the knot looks pathetic.

There also needs to be a slight amount of stretch in the lining, just enough to stretch with the tie but not enough to allow the tie to go out of shape, therefore it is important that tie manufacturers consider very carefully, the quality of lining if they wish to create a good quality, high end product in their factory.

There is also the question of whether the tie should be open ended or closed ended. (If one examines the back of the tie at the wide end, one will find that the tie is either stitched to remain open or completely stitched to be closed) This is not necessarily dictated by the size of the factory or the quality of the equipment but again very much relates to the expertise of the person or persons making the ties, again, it is important to note that generally, no one person make a tie, there is a process that involves several different steps all performed by different individuals, this obviously helps to speed up the process and is the same as any other manufacturing point- products are generally made in steps.

Tie manufacturers who cater to the higher end market will generally manufacture all or most of their ties as open ended, it is recognized by tie manufacturers and tie connoisseurs, as the right way to make a tie, it allows the wearer to examine hopw well the tie has been made.

Open ended ties, made by tie manufacturers are deemed to be the most perfect of ties whilst closed ended ties made by tie manufacturers are deemed to be an easier, more straightforward and less time consuming way to make a tie. A closed ended tie certainly does not reflect the quality of an open ended tie.

Closed ended ties are necessary for certain functions, school ties being one. Quite simply, an open ended tie which is aimed by tie manufacturers at the higher end market will not last as long as a closed ended tie because of the treatment they receive.

School ties are pulled, picked, wrapped around other peoples necks and subjected to treatment that an open ended tie would not be able to handle.

Tie manufacturers know this and so they make ties according to the requirement, so the tie will be acceptable and will last.

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