September 26, 2022

Branded Socks

Branded socks are an item that just seems to be catching on more and more!

This Especially as the advent of printed socks which although are not as comfortable to wear as knitted socks are certainly serving a purpose as branded socks.

Branded socks are accepted now, very much as part and parcel of the corporate uniform aswell as a promotional handout or give away by companies.

The fact is that branded socks are extremely successful as a tool used for marketing purposes, identification or simply just part of the company uniform to ensure uniformity in all staff members.

There is nothing worse than a staff member wearing a wonderful corporate uniform, this would generally be the male staff, and when they lift their trouser leg, a sock shows that either looks old and dirty or has no colour co ordination with the actual uniform its self.

It is for this reason that in this type of scenario, in a uniform environment where co ordination really matters that it makes sense to have  branded socks in place.

Branded socks are also an extremely cost effective handout, there is really precious little that a company can hand out that comes close to representing the same value as a pair of branded socks.

So as both a promotional items aswell as a uniform item, branded socks make sense, they are affordable, practical and do a great job of promoting the brand.

The difference between knitted branded socks and printed branded socks is significant. For starters, printed branded socks are a lot more expensive(around twice the price), they brand well but don’t wear as comfortably as knitted branded socks. A benefit of branded socks is the minimum quantity requirement. In most cases, it is possible to as little as 10% of the minimum of knitted branded socks.

So for a smaller group of individuals, or a situation where the logo is very intricate, or a significant amount of branding is required on the sock, then it would make sense to go the route of printed polyester socks, even if the breathability is not as good as cotton rich knitted branded socks.

However, when it comes to a larger organization, or a bigger requirement for branded socks and provided that the design required can be knitted, then it makes far more sense to opt for knitted branded socks.


It is important to note that with regards to  printed branded socks, the ease of design, clarity and quality of branding or design is superior in many cases to knitted branded socks simply because of the methods used to manufacture the socks and branded socks.

Polyester branded socks start off as a white or off white sock which is them printed in full from top to toe or vice versa depending on the type of machine, so the opportunity to have logo and design fairly exact is much better than knitted branded socks where often, the design can be slightly distorted simply because of the actual knitting process.

In other words, very often, it becomes necessary when dealing with knitted branded socks for the company or institution that has commissioned the branded socks to give a small amount of license regarding the logo, font or wording in the design- it doesn’t always come out exactly as per the formal logo.

However, the great benefit of knitted branded socks is that they are comfortable to wear, they breathe well and you get twice the number of knitted socks to printed branded socks.

However, both options fill the purpose and it will be up to you to decide what is most important.

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