August 31, 2022

What Are Custom Ties?

Custom ties means ties specifically designed for an entity.

In other words, custom ties are designed and made to a brief, normally given by the client.

I guess, custom ties could also include fashion designs made specifically for a brand or a retail group, but by custom ties, I more refer to ties made specifically for a company, club or entity such as schools, universities etc.

Custom ties are normally designed to meet a brief, normally given by the customer.

Custom ties will generally include the logo or name of the entity and very often will contain the logo or parts of the logo worked into the design, otherwise know as an all over design.

Custom ties could also revolve around what the entity does, so for example, if the custom tie is for a building company that specializes in building homes, they may choose to have pics of houses all over the tie, this type of custom tie is also known as a story board tie.

This type of design, although a little dates these days (it was very popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s) still works really well because it actually tells a story about the company.

Custom ties also work really well for schools, because although it must most often contain the school crest or logo, it can also contain parts of the logo within the design. An example of this is a particular school that has a cannon in their crest- such an icon can be displayed so well within a design.

Custom ties also work well with the historical factors that govern a school or form part of the schools history.


I can clearly remember being asked to do a school tie that clearly displayed the quadrant of the school, it became such a fun design because we had to get in as many features as possible into a relatively small design area within the custom tie.

This tie if I am not mistaken was designed as a tie for the school leavers- in other words, old boys(it is a boys school) but what a wonderful thing to possess and be able to wear, a tie which brings back old memories of such a beautiful school.

This is really the definition of custom ties, whereby the design is so intricately designed to be so specific to the subject.

Custom ties could also include for example, the definition of a champions tie. (A champions tie is specifically designed and so can be classed as a custom tie). A champions tie is designed and handed out to top achievers within a school environment, it gives every school participant the opportunity to compete in virtually any sport or interest, provided that it is recognized by the school and should they achieve the top level in the sport or interest, they qualify to receive and be able to wear the tie on a certain day of the week or month.

This custom ties are used as tools of recognition to honour all scholars who may not necessarily compete in the major sports or interests such as rugby or cricket or debating but do compete in something that is meaningful to themselves and that they have reached a high level.

Custom ties are essentially any tie that is designed for a specific reason to denote or celebrate any specific event or organization, company or club, or facets within those entities.

Custom ties differ from fashion ties because not everybody is entitled to or can wear a custom tie, it is made for a specific group of individuals and so has a meaning which encourages amongst other things a sense of belonging.

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