August 16, 2022

Why School Ties Are a Privilege To Wear

School ties are a part of our history and educational culture.

School ties are a part of our history and educational culture.

Most schools that wear formal uniform wear school  ties and on many occasions, they have many more than one tie.

For example a school tie is any tie worn within a school environment and is normally worn to signify an achievement.

So the achievement for wearing a school tie could be that you have simply made it into the school and so you belong. Wearing a school tie amongst many other students also wearing the same school ties signifies that you are special, you are part of an elite group that carry your school name and school ties up high.

Many people don’t realise the importance of school ties, it is an absolute privilege to be able to wear a school tie and to be accepted by your peers, teachers and parents that you are really part of that particular community.

This is why, it saddens me to see school ties being worn half way down the shirt, badly tied, stained and looking much worse for wear,school ties deserve better treatment and more respect. A school tie is the only real thing in a uniform that makes a statement- yes, a school blazer is important if such an item exists because lets face it they are expensive, but it doesn’t speak like a school tie, it doesn’t proudly announce itself with stripes or crests or logos and school names, the way a school tie introduces itself.

Some schools have fifty or more different school ties, created over the years for one or other purpose and we can go on and name some of them and their designed purpose, such as matric ties, team ties, house ties, club ties, prefects ties, special awards ties and so the list goes on.

Generally, all school ties will portray their schools colours and often feature the crest- normally at the top below the knot or at the bottom left when worn.

Its possible to get straight ended ties, normally more suitable for a girls school tie or pointy end ties.

Often the length of school ties will differ because there are younger, shorter people aswell as older, taller people who have to wear the school ties which means that it is not abnormal to have 2 lengths of school ties, being a shorter length for the younger people and a longer length for the older people.

So for example, grade eight up to grade 10 may have one length of school ties and the older grades will a longer length of school ties.

Also, in many primary schools where school ties are worn, one will often find what we call boby knot school ties.

This is where the tie is premade and attaches around the students neck with elastic and clips.

In other words, these school ties  don’t have to be made  up every time, they are already made up- much easier for mom or dad not to have to make up school ties facing the wearer which often gets a little confusing!! So we realise that school ties are an important part of a formal school uniform and should be treated with respect and dignity.

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