August 1, 2022

Whats Makes Branded Ties And Branded Scarves

Branded ties are an extremely important and useful marketing tool.

Branded ties also give identity to the wearer, if they are branded in such a way to enable the wearer to be correctly identified.

By this I mean that good branded ties will serve both purposes- one as a marketing tool and the other as a means of identification.

A perfect example of this- no names mentioned, are some of the big furniture groups.

Many of them have both branded ties and branded scarves for their staff.

So although this doubles up as part of the uniform, branded ties or branded scarves in this instance, works as a means of identification (ie: that person works in this store, we can identify them because they are wearing  branded ties or scarves with the name of the group clearly printed.)

Also,  branded ties or scarves work well as a marketing tool- it always looks so smart to approach a staff member who is wearing a branded tie or branded scarf.

The other benefit of branded ties and branded scarves are that they create a feeling of belonging. Simply because they are part of the uniform, and a very important part at that.

It is a known fact and the very reason why many companies offer a uniform is that they bring staff together and offer them a feeling of belonging, it is not only for the reason of identification or marketing although no doubt, all three entities do benefit.

Branded ties can be very cleverly designed, either using the logo or using the product that the entity offers eg food or retail.

Branded ties and scarves are extremely prevalent in upmarket environments such as 4 and 5 star hotels, it almost wouldn’t be right to walk into an upmarket hotel and see the receptionists or managers not wearing branded ties or scarves.

Another strong supporter of the wearing of branded ties and scarves are the financial institutions, such as banks.

Over the years, many banks have drifted in and out of uniform, however, right now, I don’t know of any of the big, long established bank groups that don’t have a uniform that includes branded ties and scarves.  The reason for this I would imagine are many but some of the most reasonable explanations would be that they want to maintain a level of perceived professionalism, this is part of their corporate and marketing code.

So what does this tell us? Clearly that branded ties and branded scarves are very much an integral part of a professional uniform aswell as a uniform that is more functional.

An example of this would be a security guard dressed smartly, wearing a jacket and pants together with branded ties aswell as the female security guards wearing a smart uniform together with branded scarves.

We often find this type of uniform including branded ties and branded scarves at, for example, the main gate of a residential estate.

This goes to show that the effect required by both the estate and the security company needs to be professional.

Branded ties and branded scarves are here to stay, in many different areas of business, they are so integral to the whole uniform and cannot be discarded at the cost of the overall look of the wearer.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that branded ties and branded scarves are becoming more and more popular and necessary in certain and many environments.

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