April 2, 2022

Important of school socks, from a #1 supplier.

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School socks have been around since the very first school uniform was ever worn, so around 150 years ago.

Although in those days, school socks were not as we know them today, they were still me and worn as part of the school uniform.

School socks these days and for a number of Years, have been one of the key components of the school uniform.

School socks are worn at school with the uniform, school socks are also worn whilst playing sport, in fact most schools have a variety of school socks for sports and outdoor activities.

School socks used for school sports  vary in length and thickness with the lighter sports and outside activities generally having shorter, thinner school socks and the more rougher and physical sports having thicker, more durable and protective school socks.

The majority of school socks, whether they are worn as part of the uniform or for sporting purposes are generally noticeable either from the colour or from the stripes on the sock.

In many ways, school ties are similar to school socks as they both identify the school or the group of individuals representing a school.

The stripe or stripes, or logo for some schools identifies the school, so as school ties help to identify a specific school, so do school socks.

It is also important for school socks to be personalized to the school for example in a rugby match as it is often the school socks one sees first.

School socks in a rugby match are as important as the jersey, same with hockey or soccer I would suggest.

Reason being is that both items identify their school and bring attention to this fact. 

School Socks
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