March 25, 2022

Why The No1# Best Branded Ties?

Have you considered Branded Ties for your Company?

Branded ties are a completely different product to fashion ties however, the purpose of branded ties is to transform bland corporate ties into something fashionable enough to be worn in a corporate environment and at the same time ensure that the name or logo or image of the company is correctly and adequately displayed.

Branded Ties

Branded ties were developed as a fashionable garment in the early to mid eighties by Vinuchi, the whole idea was to create a bold, fashionable look that displayed the company logo and was fun to wear.

In South Africa, that was the beginning of fashionable Branded ties.

It is fun to wear Branded ties provided that the design is in line with what a person likes to wear.

In other words, the design must be right.

In order to achieve fashionable Branded ties, it is necessary to have an experienced designer who understands what makes branded ties work when it comes to design.

Quite often, an interesting way to design branded ties is to take the logo and break it up into fashionable icons or elements.

If the company logo is designed in such a way that it has a  umber if facets or elements to it then it can work really well.

The designer, in order to achieve successful Branded tie designs will then break up the logo into the different elements and then incorporate them back into the design of the branded ties.

Ironically, this gives the effect of a deconstructed logo, a bit like a deconstructed food dish!

A common name given to this type of design of branded ties would be a storybook design.

In otherwords, the design of the branded ties tells the story of the branded ties themselves.

Sometimes the logo is incorporated in branded ties, sometimes not, however, most times it is incorporated in  branded ties simply because it is important for the wearer and the person dealing with the wearer to know where the branded ties are from ie which company does the wearer represent?

Branded ties serve the same function as branded clothing, to get the name out there, to associate the wearer with the product, to assist with advertising etc etc.

Branded ties have been around now for 40 years, they are not going to disappear simply because of the pride and reasoning attached to branded ties.

Branded ties are an advertising board for a company or brand.

I doubt if there is a blue chip company in South Africa that hasn't done many branded ties throughout the history of their business, there is a place for branded ties which remains to this day.

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