February 2, 2022

What it takes to be good Tie Manufacturer

Good Tie Manufacturers in South Africa are few and far between these days.

The majority of ties are made in China, even for the big old brands that are synonymous with well known European countries.The majority of local Tie Manufacturers which as I say are very few and far between are set up to do small runs, non fashion related, so in other words they are either school tie Manufacturers or corporate tie Manufacturers.Fortunately for the local tie Manufacturers, Chinese tie Manufacturers are not really interested in small complicated and quite specific runs. In Years gone by, prior to the event of big Chinese tie Manufacturers, South Africa was a massive producer of ties and South Africans were huge wearers of both ties and scarves.Both from a fashion and corporate perspectiveThings have long since changed, for both cultural and practical reasons, South Africans are not wearing ties and scarves as they did before. However, that said, we still do wear a lot of ties and scarves.

Tie Manufacturers in South Africa are a small but not so close knit community for the simple reason that we are all opposition and with everything on life, there are the better ones and the not so better ones.Competition in the lower end of tie manufacturers (those who make a hand made, generally cheaper school tie is fairly fierce and prices are highly competitive.For the majority of schools in South Africa, it is imperative that the tie is made economically. Quality is not so much the issue as it is for the wealthier more affluent schools because of the financial issues surrounding the cost of school uniform as a whole.School tie Manufacturers who specialize in making a more upmarket product which means using superior equipment, better fabrics and generally better trained staff are obviously more expensive but as we all know, one gets what one pays for and this does not change when it comes to tie manufacturers.

The role of tie Manufacturers is to ensure a well me product according to the price they charge for a tie and as I have said, there is a huge need both for a cheaper and more expensive product, so the more economical tie Manufacturers have as much of a place in the market as anybody else.Generally, what distinguishes tie Manufacturers is the level and quality of their equipment. Tie Manufacturers that seek to make a better product will have more advanced equipment such as better sewing machines and liebe machines as opposed to the smaller tie Manufacturers who rely mostly only on sewing machines.Having said that, I have the greatest respect for tie Manufacturers that are able to produce a good quality tie by hand without using Liebe machines to assist on the efficient making of a good tie.Tie Manufacturers really have to know what they are doing, a tie that twists is unacceptable, the lining has to be right, if there is a logo or specific pattern then this needs to be lines up properly.

The label must be properly attached, the tie must be properly sewn or it will fall apart.The secret to good tie Manufacturers lies in attention to detail, good quality equipment and well trained staff.Also the life of many tie Manufacturers can be quite difficult when it comes to workflow, it's often a case of "duck or no dinner" there is rarely a consistent flow of work and this needs to be managed efficiently from a delivery perspective, especially with schools who require their ties at a specific time because they are generally season related when it comes to the wearing of ties.The role of tie Manufacturers is not always easy, it is a tough but rewarding business.There is nothing like looking at a well made tie when it comes out of quality control!!

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