December 3, 2021

Custom Socks Are One Of The Best Ways To Promote Your Business Or Institution

Custom socks provide the opportunity to promote your brand effectively, in a fun way.

Custom socks, if done properly are great as a hand out or gift to clients and staff.

It is important when commissioning Custom socks to ensure that your supplier manufactures high quality socks that breathe and have sufficient stretch to ensure they are comfortable.

There are 2 types of custom socks available, these are knitted and printed custom socks.

Knitted custom socks are knitted using various coloured yarns to create a design within the construction of the sock. The design is programmed into a computer which then instructs the machine which colours to use to form the design within the custom socks. A knitted sock will generally have a large content of cotton, normally 70% plus, together with a smaller amount of polyester and elastane to allow stretch. These custom socks are comfortable to wear if made properly, they breathe well and hold the design for the life of the custom socks.

The limiting factor of knitted socks is that the design can be fairly limited in some cases, especially if the logo is fairly complicated or if there us a lot of wording required. Design elements throughout the knitted custom socks are generally not a problem but the fit remains that he simpler the design element, the more effective it is in  knitted custom socks.

However, this does not prevent the manufacturer from presenting most often, a very favourable end product.

There are generally 2 sizes of custom socks available, one being 4 to 7 for ladies and the other being 7 to 11 for gents. This applies throughout, regardless of the yarn construction of the custom socks.

The 2nd custom sock available is the printed custom sock. These custom socks are generally made from polyester due to the print process. Polyester tends to hold its shape well  but also, the process of print(sublimation) requires a polyester fabric on which to print the custom socks.

The design capability on custom socks that are printed is generally far greater than the knitted process of manufacturing  custom socks

It is possible to achieve virtually any design or print any logo or wording effectively on  custom socks.

Polyester custom socks do not always breathe aswell as cotton, UT depends on the construction of the custom sock.

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