November 16, 2021

A Day In The Life Of A Tie Manufacturer Can Be Crazy & Complicated But Fun!

One of the "for sure" things about being a tie manufacturer is that it is never dull.

There is always either too much or too little going through the factory and because being a tie manufacturer means working through busy or quiet seasons, we know that there will never be a steady flow.

For example, as a tie manufacturer, we know that most schools wear ties in winter, so the months prior to winter are generally quite busy with this production.

As a tie manufacturer, we also know that many schools wear ties the whole year through but only order at the end of every year.

This means that the last few months of every year are generally choc a block with school ties.

As a tie manufacturer, we know that many of the sports ties are seasonal as per the season in which a sport is played so for example rugby which is more a winter sport will then require ties for this period.

As a tie manufacturer, we know that corporate ties are required to throughout the year and often at short notice, so we have to be prepared, as a tie manufacturer to ensure that an urgent requirement is made available as soon as possible.

Then we have tender business. This normally takes a long time to finalise and then the requirement is urgent.

Tie Manufacturer

So as a tie manufacturer, you will see that much of our production process becomes quite pressurized as the emphasis is always to get the product out of the factory and delivered normally by a specific date.

All of this however, is exciting and fulfilling.

As a tie manufacturer, the emphasis is on efficiency and quality of product. Ties need to be made well as they are worn and they need to be made on time, so a tie manufacturer cannot afford slip ups.

The factory has to be well run and emphasis on these two areas are paramount to the success of a tie manufacturer.

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