October 27, 2021

Corporate Socks Or Branded Socks Are A Brilliant Promotional Tool To Use As A Handout To Staff Or Customers

Corporate socks or branded socks are also great from the perspective of using them as giveaways with other purchases, for example, buy this item and receive a free pair of branded socks.

The value of such a promotion lies in the design and quality of the branded sock, it needs to be of an excellent quality, the design needs to be effective and work well with the brand it is promoting.

There are 2 types of corporate socks or branded socks that one should consider when embarking on an exercise of buying branded socks. The first type of branded socks is a sports sock. The best type of sports sock to use as a branded sock is an ankle sock with a cushion foot, this can be branded at the top of the sock in 2 positions facing each other, either on the side or back and front.

The logo or branding on this branded sock needs to be as clear and simple as possible, the emphasis is on subtle but visible. A logo works best on branded socks, especially sports socks and the simpler, the better.

You will see this on socks sold by the big name brands, it is always either on word or a small logo, it works really well.

Corporate Socks

From a colour perspective of a branded sock, it is always better to stick with standard colours as the background. For example, branded socks in the form of sports socks should be white, navy or black. It is rare that another colour is used because they are so visible, they stand out,

White works really well because it allows the branding or logo to be clearly seen; Also, white is most wearable in a sporting environment, it goes with virtually any shoe or pair of shorts.

Branded socks or corporate socks in the form of sports socks are a wonderful item to create interest in a brand.

The other great benefit of corporate socks or branded socks are that they represent value. The reason I say this is because branded socks are useful, they will he worn, they represent a monetary value because they are replacing something that otherwise would have had to be purchased.

I keep coming back to the point of quality when talking about corporate socks or branded socks because it is so important to ensure that the quality is tops. The reason being that one promotes one's company or brand using branded socks or corporate socks. If one uses cheaply made branded socks or corporate socks, it is simply a reflection on your company or brand.

It is often possible to get away with handing out a cheap printed pen for example but it is never possible or acceptable to the recipient to hand out cheap clothing of any kind unless it is specifically a uniform item.

Corporate Socks

We must be careful not to confuse corporate socks or branded socks with uniform items, they are very different and both have their own specific use which are not related.

The other option of branded socks or corporate socks are calf length socks. These are my favorite from a branded perspective because they are so much more brandable than corporate socks socks or branded socks sports socks.

We really have fun with calf length designs of branded socks because there is so much that can be done. We can brand the whole sock so although it's not really seen when worn, the wearer will never forget where they came from. This is why it is so important to ensure that the quality is good, because you want them to be worn time and time again!

In short, whether one goes for corporate socks or branded socks in the form of ankle sports socks or calf length socks it doesn't matter as long as the sock suits the requirements of both the giver and the recipient.

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