October 20, 2021

There Are Many Different Brilliant Types Of Ties Or Neck Ties.

Fashion ties are ties you would purchase from a retail store.Corporate ties are ties made specifically for a company or institution, normally having the brand or the colours if the company, thus making this type of tie a corporate tie.

Then there are school ties, school ties normally have either the school logo or crest or the school colours or both.There are many different types of school ties, I will list these as follows:

Stripe school ties- these are ties that have stripes. The stripes in these school ties are normally in alternate rows of 2 or 3 colours which repeat throughout the design.

These school ties are either woven or printed. Either way, as long as the colours are clearly visible on these types of school ties and the tie is well made, it is immaterial as to whether the tie is woven or printed. Generally, striped school ties do not have any wording or logo although it is possible for this to be the case.Generally, striped school ties without any wording or logo are quite a lot cheaper than striped school ties  with wording or a logo.

The reason for this is that when there is no wording or logo in school ties fabric, then the fabric can be printed or woven on the roll as opposed to being woven or printed to enable a panel to be cut out which leads to a greater waste of fabric, thereby making school ties with wording or a logo more expensive to make because of the fact that there is less yield from the area of fabric.

Also, the fact that school ties with wording or a logo need to be made in such a way that the logo or wording has to be lined up and positioned to ensure that it is in the right position on the school ties when worn.In order to achieve this it takes more time in the production process and as a result, because of additional time taken to make these school ties, it adds to the cost of making school ties with a logo or wording.With plain striped school ties, this is not the case.

As long as the stripes are correctly positioned on the tie, that is all that matters. So additional time does not get taken making up the tie because there is no logo or wording to be lined up or correctly positioned.

School ties

Generally, striped school ties also have a much lighter and thinner inner lining. This is also to keep the cost down but at the same time, because a striped tie is generally quite a bit thinner than a logo'd tie, it is normally not necessary to line these thinner school ties with the same lining as  wider school ties,  otherwise it becomes difficult and bulky to tie.

Quite often aswell, the actual fabric of striped school ties is lighter in weight than that of logod school ties. This is for the same reason- to keep down costs and make these types of school ties easier to tie.Added to this is the fact that striped school ties, because they are normally worn every day, need to he washed more frequently than for example a colours tie or sports tie which might only be worn on specific days or at specific times.It is easier to wash and dry school ties with thinner lining as opposed to school ties with a thicker lining. Striped school ties often consist of fabric which has a slightly looser yarn knit.

In other words, it may appear that the fabric looks a little more stretchy on striped school ties.

Again, this is to keep striped school ties flexible and easier to tie but also to keep down the cost of the fabric which is a crucial and significant part of the overall cost of school ties. Also, striped school ties are generally shorter in length. This fact, together with the fact that they are narrower in length means that the yield per meter of fabric is greater, thus ensuring a cheaper cost per tie.

Because striped school ties are by far the most commonly worn school ties, they are worn throughout schools with vastly different economic positions. For this reason, it is important that striped school ties are affordable to the majority of schools for the simple reason that the majority of schools have students that are simply not in a position to spend a lot of money on any part of their school uniform.

Branded School Tie

The fact that the yield from the fabric is more and that it is cheaper to make  standard school ties all adds up to  striped school ties costing less than other school ties. Another benefit of this is that school ties that are worn every day, will not last as long as school ties that are worn only on special occasions and so will need to be replaced on a more regular basis. If these types of school ties are more affordable then it obviously makes it cheaper to replace them on a more regular basis if necessary.

On the other hand, school ties with a logo or wording are generally longer and wider and have a thicker lining and a more closely knit fabric which all contributes to these types of school ties being more expensive to make and therefore resulting on the end price being more expensive.

I should also add that the reason why fabric of Logo'd school ties may feel tighter and have less stretch than striped school ties is because of the fact that the logo or wording needs to remain in place at all times. If the fabric is not tightly woven then this will not be the case and the end result will not be acceptable.

Hopefully, once you have read this, you will understand why it is that special school ties, meaning logo'd school ties generally cost quite a bit more than standard striped school ties with no wording or logo.

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