September 1, 2021

School Ties Are An Incredibly Important Part Of A School Uniform.

School ties distinguish one school from another.

School ties are almost single handedly responsible for acknowledging a particular school.

School Ties

School ties within a School are responsible for the acknowledgement of various disciplines.

School ties separate one student from another by who they are and what they have achieved(example being a 1st team rugby tie) but they also bring students together as wearers of a common item of recognition.

It is the school tie that binds individuals within a school, long after their school days are over (example of this is an old boys or old girls school tie).

I for one am able to recognize my old school tie a mile away, from time to time over the Years, I have seen young people in the school uniform of my old school and the very first thing I notice are their school ties.

It has brought a huge feeling of pride and nostalgia to see these young people wearing their school ties.

The wonderful thing about school ties is that they generally don't change.

School ties are like coats of arms, they just don't change.There are often variations of school ties within a school, as I have said before to distinguish between the various sports or disciplines but actually the school tie itself never really changes.

This in itself is the definition of school ties, promoting and recognizing consistency and sameness. 

Almost the same I guess if one takes a walk around ones old school, a walk down memory lane in other words and as we walk around reminiscing, we realize that for the most part, nothing has really changed. The teachers name on the inside of the window or the door may have changed( but again not always as some teachers have been known to spend 40 plus years at one school as happened in my case when I was last back at my old school more than 30 years after I matriculation, to see the same couple of names in the same place on the inside of the window.

What a warm feeling to know that as much as things change they often stay the same.

School Ties

The same with school ties. Consistent and faithful to the cause.

School ties are an example to their school, they promote positively, that is the intention but sometimes school ties are badly designed or poorly made to the point where they don't promote positively.

In this case, generally when the wrong individual has been tasked with the design of the tie, it ends up with the school having a traditional school tie that is not positively representative of itself.

In this case there is very little one can do unfortunately, and sadly in most cases, a school ends up with a school tie they can do nothing about if it is not representative or becoming.

With this in mind, it is extremely important that significant thought is given to the design of school ties as once the design is done and accepted, it's too late.With this in mind, the design of school ties should be left to professional designers who generally work to the brief given using the schools crest and colours.

This is of course where the school tie includes a crest or logo.

In many cases though, school ties are simply striped with one, two or three stripes generally relating to the school colours. 

This removes to a great degree, the chance for the tie to become badly designed and sometimes when it comes to school ties, simpler is better.As a rule these days. Especially with the more modern schools, a CI manual is necessary  to outline logo's, fonts and colours to ensure that items such as school ties are designed to the correct specifications.

In short, a simple thing such as school ties are not so simple, they are a highly valuable asset to a school and should always be viewed with respect and dignity as school ties truly do for the most part, stand the test of time.

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