August 16, 2021

School Ties - An Amazing Tradition That Never Gets Old

School ties have been around in schools forever.

Unlike the workplace that has pretty much been depleted of the good old corporate tie (although I might add that there seems to be a bit of a resurgence).

I don't know if the resurgence is to try and create some form of uniformity in the workplace or just to try and bring back some spirit during hard times.

Covid has reduced the number of people working in an office environment, but there are still those who have no choice but to trundle into the office on a daily basis.

So perhaps the thinking amongst corporates is to give their staff  corporate ties or corporate scarves to try and create some enthusiasm.

Either way, it's a good thing because without a shadow of doubt, well designed corporate ties and corporate scarves definitely improve the image and to a certain degree, the morale within the work place.

However, back to the good old subject of school ties.

So school ties are not a fashion statement, never were, never will be.

School ties are very simply a uniform item to be worn as part of the school uniform.Or are they?

Is the only purpose school ties serve? To be part of the school uniform?

I would say certainly not! School ties are way more than that! School ties are the flagship of the school uniform, school ties tell the story of the school, school ties rarely change, in fact, school ties are probably the most consistently worn garment in the world.

It's really crazy to think that the tie your grandfather wore to school is exactly the same tie that your son will most probably wear one day when he goes to the same school!

So school ties really promote consistency and tradition, school ties uphold the identity of a school.

School ties are probably the most value adding item a school can possess and certainly, together with the school blazer, the most valuable items a school can own from an identity and tradition perspective.

School Ties

Virtually all schools, regardless of whether they have a formal or informal uniform policy, have some form of identification on their clothing, so clearly, identification is important to most schools.

School ties never set out to become a tradition, they set out to be a form of identification, to bring school children together and give them a common identity.

For all intent and purpose, the school tie was just part of the uniform and because back in the day, that's what people wore ie; ties and blazers, it was a commonly accepted form of apparel to be worn to school.

However, the wearing of school ties has now become a tradition in the majority of schools which is a good thing in many ways because school ties certainly uphold the decorum and tradition of a school.

So take away school ties and a school is left with little to distinguish it from any other school.

School ties

I always find it quite amazing that a small piece of fabric with a design or insignia can play such a huge roll in the overall identity and tradition of a school.

I hope in my lifetime that school ties always remain a part of the school uniform because school ties are such an important part of the history and tradition of any school.

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