July 26, 2021

Top 4 Ultimate Tips for Guiding Corporate Dress with Corporate Ties and Corporate Socks.

Vinuchi, South Africa’s Leading Tie Manufacturer’s Top 4 Tips for Guiding Corporate Dress with Corporate Ties and Corporate Socks.

If you’ve been considering investing in a corporate uniform for staff, you’ll probably be experiencing some difficulty. Why? Because it’s the age-old struggle between brand representation, comfort and personal style that makes purchasing full uniforms for staff members a really tricky investment. But not any longer.  Vinuchi, South Africa’s leading corporate tie, scarf and sock manufacturer has come up with 5 exciting ways you can use just two pieces of corporate clothing to completely transform the way your team dresses.  And the best part? Everyone, including your accounts manager, will be happy about it.

Let’s start with the “magic” items of clothing.

All you need to transform your teams’ wardrobe is carefully chosen corporate ties and corporate socks. As  leading corporate tie and corporate sock manufacturers, Vinuchi has a fantastic range to choose from - View our range here.

But in addition to our gorgeous corporate ties and socks we also have over 49 years of experience in corporate clothing, something we put to use when advising clients on how to choose corporate tie and corporate sock combinations.

The Vinuchi team has taken all of our experience as the leading tie and sock manufacturer and distilled it into these 4 super tips.

#1: How Corporate tie and sock combinations can guide clothing colours

The theory for how Vinuchi’s corporate ties and socks can help guide your staff’s corporate dress is based on a very simple precedent:

Most people take care of their appearance and don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. 

Although corporate ties and corporate socks are relatively inexpensive items of a corporate uniform, they are very prominent items of clothing which can easily dictate the rest of the outfit. 

Working with just a few basic colour principals for your corporate tie and sock will guide your staff to wear a certain pallet of colours.  This enables each person to choose clothing styles and cuts that best suite their body, allows for a degree of individuality and keeps the general pallet of corporate clothing harmonious.

For the few that have no dress sense what-so-ever, you may need provide a few additional dress guidelines.  Here are some tips to consider - Read more here.

As the leading tie manufacturer in South Africa, Vinuchi has put together 4 simple corporate tie and sock combinations together to help you make good corporate tie and sock choices for your team.

#2: Bold pallet corporate tie and sock combinations

If you are relatively happy with your teams clothing choice but would specifically like to rule out very bold coloured suits and shirts, then choose a strong tie colour that would clash with shirts or suits in a similar shade.  Vinuchi has an amazing range for you to choose from - View our range here.

Yellow, orange, red, pink, green or deep purple ties look fantastic with neutral shirts and suit shades.  These corporate ties will help guide your team to dress in neutral clothing allowing the tie (and any corporate branding you choose to incorporate) to be the star of the show - Read more here.

#3: Patterned corporate ties and neutral sock combinations

By combining a patterned corporate tie and a neutral sock in a particular shade, your team will tend to wear clothing that compliments the colours and patterns you have chosen - Read more here.

By choosing a very bold pattern in the tie you will limit the patterns staff can choose in the shirt and suit. Remember, though that the more colours in the tie, the more options for mixing and matching colours in the rest of the outfit.  That is where your corporate sock choice comes into play.  Instead of choosing a neutral colour such as a black or grey, which goes with everything, choose a shade within the tie. This will guide your team to choose suits and shirts within the colour pallet of your choice.  Find out more about Vinuchi, the leading corporate tie manufacturer in South Africa’s range of corporate ties and socks here - View our range here.

#4: Specific colour combination corporate tie and sock combinations.      

Finally, if you have very specific colours, you’d like your team to wear, be sure to include them in your corporate tie and sock combination.  Stay away from neutral shades as these colours provide the team with a wide range of potential shirt and suit matches.

To find your perfect corporate tie and sock combination visit Vinuchi, the leading tie and sock manufacturer in South Africa and browse through our delightful range of corporate ties and socks.  For specialised advice, give us a call!

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