July 6, 2021

The Genius Idea Behind Corporate Sock Giveaways

The benefit for a company to have corporate socks made up to give away as handouts or gifts to staff are too numerous, but I will mention! Firstly, a corporate sock or branded sock is an item that represents money.

Give someone a pair of branded socks or corporate socks and immediately the recipient equates the gesture monetarily. It's human nature to receive something that can be worn and put a value to it.

If you had to ask the average person the cost of a pair of socks, most people wouldn't know to be exact, they would tell you anything between R30 and R150.

And so, with a corporate sock or branded sock, the same thing rings true.

Corporate Sock

Depending on the design of the branded sock or corporate sock, will often determine the perceived value of this item to the recipient. The term branded sock could well refer to a sports sock for example that caries a well known sporting icon, but in this case, I refer to a branded sock or corporate sock as one with a logo, payoff line or simply visuals relating to what the company does dispersed throughout the branded sock or corporate sock.

The main aim of a branded sock or corporate sock is to ensure first and foremost that the quality is premium. The quality of the corporate sock or branded sock is paramount as it will reflect the company's commitment to its customers. Quite simply, if the client receives a sub standard pair of branded socks, it will reflect poorly on the company itself. However, should the quality of the corporate sock be of a high standard then clearly, the response will be positive and acceptance levels high to the point of perhaps even requesting another pair of branded socks!

Next is design. If the corporate sock is too boring, it will be worn less and if the branded sock is too gaudy, then it will also be worn less.This leaves the manufacturer with the task of deciding how to design the branded sock to ensure the maximum acceptance rate from the recipient.

Corporate Sock

A corporate sock or branded sock could be a hit if it's a bit bolder and more colorful, for example, if one receives a pair of branded socks from a car company which also happens to be the car you drive, then the recipient of such a pair of branded socks would generally be extremely happy to receive something that is wearable and relates to the car they drive, such as branded socks.

Likewise, if an engineering company specializes in pumps, then a recipient  of the branded sock, on the basis that they may also have some involvement in pumps would most likely be more than happy to receive a corporate sock or branded sock because they feel an affinity towards whatever icon or wording may be positioned on the branded sock.

Fun branded socks given out as  corporate socks are almost always popular, they are fun to wear, create a talking point and serve a real purpose as an item of clothing to be worn by the resident.

At the price of branded socks, companies should be encouraged to do them as  corporate socks as handouts because for the price, they make excellent gifts.

So, it is important to say that the advertising or marketing mileage versus the cost of a pair of branded socks is probably quite significant. Also, corporate socks are quite unique as a handout, they are different and extremely well received if the quality and design are premium. 

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