June 30, 2021

There is no doubt that custom ties, custom scarves and custom socks are extremely powerful tools that can be used to successfully market your company, institution, club or school.

The value that custom ties, custom scarves or custom socks add to the profile of the entity one is looking to promote is significant.

More and more, for example, items such as custom socks or corporate socks are becoming a sought after product in the world of brand marketing.

There is a reason for this which is fairly easy to understand.

By commissioning custom socks or corporate socks to be made, one is encouraging positive promotion of the company name, logo or mission statement in such a way that the end result is a pair of custom socks that represents a monetary value.

custom socks

Custom socks in the mind of the recipient have a value in that they can be worn as a piece of clothing that they otherwise would have had to purchase out of their own money.

So provided the custom socks are well made, comfortable and breathe properly, custom socks can be worn in place of  normal socks and so represent a saving in respect of a persons clothing budget.

So although this may not be the intended reason for the commissioning of custom socks or corporate socks it is certainly a positive spin off.

Obviously, the initial reasoning for deciding to make custom socks or corporate socks goes much deeper that what has been discussed with the intention of having custom socks ar corporate socks manufactured  to promote a company, brand or campaign in such a way that by making and handing out custom socks or company socks, one gets across an intended message.

The beauty of giving out well made custom socks or corporate socks is that they are in the recipients face every time they wear them, out of choice!

Another benefit of giving custom socks is that the monetary value of custom socks or corporate socks outweighs the actual cost.

When one can achieve a situation relating to a handout or gift whereby the perceived value of the item ie: custom socks or corporate socks is greater than the actual cost then invariably this leads to a successful campaign.

Likewise with custom scarves and custom ties. Although the impact and often intended reason for opting to have company ties or company scarves may be inherently different, at the end of the day, the impact associated with custom scarves or custom ties remains fairly similar.

custom ties

Whilst custom ties and custom scarves may not carry the same perceived value from a wardrobe perspective, they still represent a value in the mind of the person who receives the custom ties or custom scarves, and whilst this is not necessarily an item that might be worn as often as for example custom socks or corporate socks, they still are impactful when it comes to getting a message across or representing a value as an item of clothing.

One of the major benefits of custom ties or custom scarves otherwise known as corporate ties or corporate scarves is that they promote unity and belonging. They make a statement about whom one is employed by or associated with which very often creates a feeling of pride in the organization.

By this, i mean that the wearers of custom ties or custom scarves are more likely to develop a sense of belonging when it comes to how they feel about the organization or entity to which they belong because there is a common denominator which links them together. It stands to reason that if you don't work for or are not associated with the entity then the wearing of custom ties or custom scarves would be less meaningful.

This however, does not take away from the value of handing out custom ties, custom scarves or custom socks to people who do not work for or not a part of the entity ie: the customer or supplier. In fact, quite the opposite, it shows that a person is strongly valued and worthy enough to be given a pair of custom socks or corporate socks of for that matter custom scarves or custom ties.

These days, corporate handouts have become so repetitive, the same item regurgitated in another way that boredom is setting in. So when the thought arises to have a gift branded to promote one's company or entity, give some consideration to doing something different with perhaps more thought attached. Consider doing custom socks, custom scarves or custom ties, they really can be great winners and definitely a talking point when it comes to the promotion of your brand or logo.

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