June 24, 2021

How important are school socks in 2021?

Some school socks are not really important but to others, school socks are quite a key issue. The reason is fairly simple! We all know how important it is to wear socks that are suitable.

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So really, what makes a sock less suitable if it is for a younger person who is forced to wear school socks.Believing in this, the subject of this blog has to relate to how important school socks really are. So the fact is that school socks and the quality related to them is actually quite important if not very important.

The reason being is that if we put ourselves into our children's boots (that's not a joke!), and we had to wear uncomfortable school socks, we would not be happy. Many of us older generations wore school socks because we had to wear school socks regardless of the quality, in fact, we would never question this issue. School socks are school socks!!! We realize to this day that in years gone by, our choice of school sock was extremely limited, in fact, we didn't really know what we were wearing except that whatever we wore was worn because we had no choice!

Today, things are different, our expectations are higher, we are not just prepared to wear an item of clothing because it's dictated that it's what we should wear. As a result, our expectations are higher, we simply do not expect an average item of clothing and faced with the prospect if having to wear something we deem as substandard such as poor quality school socks, we kind of rebel! Rebellion doesn't always happen as we believe it should, so in the case of school socks, one may decide to rebel in a different way.

Often this is interpreted by simply refusing to wear the school socks, all because they are not well made, are uncomfortable etc. And so it stands to reason that our younger generations who are exposed to so much quality so soon reach the conclusion that substandard school socks are simply unacceptable. So as a result of this reasoning, school socks over the years have become improved in quality and more comfortable to wear.

As parents, we encourage our children to  wear more comfortable school socks, not specifically because that's what we advocate but simply because whether our school socks are more comfortable or not relates to the average clothing we wear. What I am really saying with this is that our expectations are rising and we simply expect better.

School socks are necessary and often limiting, so immediately this can become an obstacle.However, if we keep expectations high and encourage a better level of product, then items such as school socks which previously had little standing, should in effect improve in quality significantly. It is important to continue to strive for improvement in any area that results in a cost to a parent. School socks in this regard are one of those items that can always undergo consistent improvement to ensure a better item such as better school socks.

So for those of us who are forced to wear any kind of school socks, we should also remember that school socks represent bonding, togetherness and a high level of achievement.Any school would wish to promote its uniform, albeit in socks or any other school uniform item.School socks at the end of the day are not really a true reflection of branding but for sure, school socks are representative of the school and it's traditions.

So the final point really is that even though school socks are not the most important school uniform garment to be worn, they serve a really important function.If a well dressed scholar doesn't have proper school socks then they are not properly dressed in their school uniform.

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