June 21, 2021

Vinuchi Stunning Ladies Scarves

Ladies scarves are underrated.

Whether a ladies scarf is worn as a fashion item, or corporate scarf or just to keep ones neck warm, a ladies scarf is an underrated garment to say the least.

Ladies scarves are designed to complete the outfit regardless of whether this is just day to day casual wear, more formal wear or a company or corporate scarf.

With a ladies scarf, one is able to highlight colour, design and if required from a uniform perspective, a logo aswell to form it into a corporate scarf.

A ladies scarf should be fashionable to the point of not being gaudy, it should be functional from a design of shape perspective and a ladies scarf should be pleasurable to wear from a comfort perspective, especially when worn as a corporate scarf as it is worn on a daily basis.

The type of fabric used to make ladies scarves is important for a number of reasons. Firstly a ladies scarf should be comfortable so a fabric should be used to make ladies scarves that is soft, washes well and accommodates the print properly.

Ladies scarves

This is especially important when making a corporate scarf because it is worn regularly and needs to be washed.

When it comes to printing ladies scarves, there are several different types of print processes used but in South Africa, the most common process is sublimation.

In order to sublimated a ladies scarf, polyester fabric is required to be used. This is because polyester is the only fabric that accommodates the process of sublimation print of ladies scarves.

Types of polyester fabric that are used to make ladies scarves from a sublimation perspective are pongee fabric or chiffon. Both are soft and work well for ladies scarves with chiffon tending to be more upmarket in look and feel. A ladies scarf made from chiffon carries the design on both sides due to the fact that chiffon, due to its nature, prints through, so the design can be seen from both sides, whilst pongee prints on one side only, meaning that when the ladies scarf is worn, it needs to be positioned properly to ensure the design is face up and visible and not the back part of the ladies scarf.

Because of this, chiffon tends to be a little more expensive and pongee more economical and for this reason, pongee is generally used to make corporate scarves.

Ladies scarves

The shape of a ladies scarf is also important, there are generally 2 options of shape of ladies scarves, these being long or square.

The majority of ladies scarves these days are long scarves simply because they are more workable and user friendly. A long ladies scarf is easier to tie, has more uses and is more adaptable than a square ladies scarf.

A long ladies scarf is also cooler because there is less of it around the neck.

Corporate scarves are almost always long scarves.

Long ladies scarves can be tied and tucked in, or simply left to fall down the front of the blouse or tunic one it has been tied around the neck.

Ladies scarves are feminine, which is an obvious statement except that for the most part, a ladies scarf is for enhancement, to make a lady look even more presentable,  so taking this into account, the design should represent the reason as to why the ladies scarf is worn.

It is important that ladies scarves are designed in such a way that they compliment the look all the time.

When it comes to a corporate scarf, the look is important because every lady likes to feel beautiful, it is therefore important that as much though is given to this aspect in the design of the corporate scarf as is given to the functionality of the scarf as a corporate scarf.

The corporate scarf needs to be a combination of functionality, design and if required a display of the company logo.

Combining all these aspects in a corporate scarf is not easy but a professional designer who understands the design of corporate ties and corporate scarves knows how to achieve a positive outcome from a design perspective.

A designer of corporate ties and corporate scarves is worth their weight on gold, it is a talent to be able to take a logo and company colours and use them in the successful design of a corporate tie or corporate scarf.

Ladies scarves

When designing a corporate scarf, one often finds that it will be similar in look to the corporate scarf, it is however, extremely important to ensure that there is an air of feminity about the ladies scarf, keep in mind that the wearer is generally far more fashion conscious, that the fabric actually touches the wearers neck, unlike the corporate tie, so the feel must be right.

A lady must want to wear the corporate scarf, not just feel that they have to wear it because the corporate scarf is part of their uniform.

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