June 10, 2021

Branded Blankets Keeping You Extra Warm

Every year without fail, the cold weather sets in and for those if us who are economically fortunate, we are able to keep warm with blankets.

However, there are a mass of individuals and families who are simply not able to do this, they don't have the means.

It is this group of people who in winter most need help just to stay warm and possibly stay alive, this is where a branded blanket becomes a valuable item to give and receive.

With this in mind, there are many companies, corporates and institutions who run blanket drives in the hope of helping these unfortunate people.

Blanket drives are invaluable, they may form part of a company's social responsibility policy or simply be a marketing tool and for this reason it makes sense for the blanket to be embroidered with the company logo.

When this happens there is often a need for the blankets to be branded or logo'd and there are several reasons for this, one being that a logo'd blanket or a branded blanket is less likely to be sold or traded should they land up in the wrong hands, also, it is important especially from a marketing perspective to get some mileage from a blanket drive and so by ensuring that one hands out logo'd blankets or branded blankets is of utmost importance when considering brand awareness.

Branded Blankets

Often the embroidered logo'd blanket or branded blanket might carry the company logo together with some wording on the branded blanket such as sponsored by…

Branded blankets or logo'd blankets are not easy to distribute simply because of their size and weight and so it is important as an organization who decides to hand our branded blankets to give thought as to what type of embroidered blanket works best. 

No doubt, a company may feel that the branded blanket should be big and thick but one needs to consider very carefully the needs of the person receiving the branded blanket or logo'd blanket.

Often the recipient of the branded blanket is a vagrant, homeless and with little means of carrying things around, so for this reason, an embroidered blanket should be smaller and lighter, not bigger and heavier.

Branded Blankets

Also, the embroidered blanket needs to be workable for the individual, in other words, the branded blanket needs to be completely wrappable around the persons body both when sleeping and on the move and should not be too heavy otherwise it becomes cumbersome.

When a company decides to commission an embroidered blanket, it is necessary to consider the logistics surrounding the distribution of branded  blankets, in other words, how does one actually give them away once they have been purchased?

Over the years, charitable agencies have established themselves in order to distribute such items.

It is advisable to consider such an agency to distribute your logo'd blankets even if there is a small.coat involved simply to ensure that your valuable spend is reaching the intended areas and individuals.

Branded Blankets

Many of these organizations have storage space and vehicles to be able to distribute your embroidered blankets.

This also poses consideration as the fact is that a thicker and heavier embroidered blanket requires more storage space aswell as more transport space to reach its final destination, leaving a situation of possible lost opportunity because less branded blankets get distributed so fewer people receive something to help them keep warm.

For this reason a polar fleece blanket makes sense, it is smaller and thinner and easy to carry. However, it is quite a tight knit of yarn and so allows in less wind or cold.

If it rains, a polar fleece blanket dries quicker and can be handled and transported easier.

It is wise to consider these points when making decisions about which type of logo'd blanket to hand out.

The reason for a company deciding to hand out branded blankets needs to be well though out because once a move is made to help a community in distress ove winter, they tend to rely on the fact that next year will be a repeat process, so be prepared to commit to such an undertaking of handing out embroidered blankets on an ongoing basis, finances permitting of course!The beauty of polar fleece blankets is that they often come in many different colours and so bring warmth and colour into a persons life.

The benefits of an embroidered polar fleece blanket are numerous and the brand spin off is often really worthwhile, but know that even if there is little benefit derived from handing out a branded polar fleece blanket, you are making a big difference in somebody's else's life.

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