May 20, 2021

Vinuchi The Top SA Tie Manufacturer’s Exclusive Tips for Corporate Tie Dressing. Part 1

Even with the COVID-19 work from home policy many businesses have undertaken, wearing a tie in a corporate setting remains an important statement.  Many people still dress for work, even if it is just from the waist up, as online video meetings remain the order of the day.  Over the next two articles, Vinuchi, South Africa’s leading tie manufacturer, will share our top ten tips for corporate tie power dressing to give you the edge in any company setting.

Corporate Tie

#1: The "Interview" Corporate Tie

Visual cues are key to any interview and having a tie that fits with the company you are interviewing with is crucial. For interviews with companies that have a very serious line of work, consider blues, greys and black in the tie while keeping the colours and patterns neutral.  For a more dynamic company or position, consider subtly incorporating one of the corporate colours into your tie. 

Vinuchi’s gorgeous array of company ties are a great way to welcome new recruits and can help with corporate uniformity.  Take a look at our website here Vinuchi - Custom Branded Ties, Scarves, Badges, Corporate Wear and Socks. for more information.  

Corporate Tie

#2: The “Organised” Corporate Tie

Regardless of your position in a company, you can subtly communicate aspects of your personality or the responsibilities of your role using your corporate tie.  If your job requires you to be organised and reliable, choosing a tie in shades of brown can be an excellent choice. The colour brown is synonymous with grounded, down to earth, reliable people (httpd://

As the owner of any business, making sure you take every opportunity to communicate the right message to customers is key to long-term success.  Vinuchi has a range of exquisite corporate ties that can be incorporated as part of your organisation’s uniform ensuring that the right colour message is communicated to customers.  Click here for more information. Vinuchi - Custom Branded Ties, Scarves, Badges, Corporate Wear and Socks.

Corporate Tie

#3: The “Salesman” Corporate Tie

Depending on the industry you are working in, the right corporate tie in the right colour can speak volumes about the credibility, creativity and dynamic nature of the company you are working for.  For example, if you are in the creative industry then shades of yellow, pale orange or salmon are great options for a tie as the colour communicates a dynamic, confident, courageous message. (Orange Color Psychology - Orange Meaning & Personality)

From a company tie perspective, Vinuchi has worked with a range of organisations to provide corporate ties that best represent the ethos of the company.  Click here to find out more. Vinuchi - Custom Branded Ties, Scarves, Badges, Corporate Wear and Socks.

Corporate Tie

#4: The “Trust Me” Corporate Tie

Many positions in business require people to trust you.  As a trustworthy person, you can subtly communicate this quality by wearing a corporate tie that denotes this value in shades of blue.  You will notice that many financial institutions use blue as their colour of choice.  Standard Bank, Liberty Life, Discovery etc. The reason for this is because blue is associated with trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty.  The Color Blue (

Many of the company ties Vinuchi, the leading tie manufacturer in South Africa, designs for our corporate clients are in shades of blue. Vinuchi - Custom Branded Ties, Scarves, Badges, Corporate Wear and Socks.Interestingly, not all blues are equal in the colour world, so you need to consider what message you’d like to communicate to customers. Here are some blue tie guidelines to consider. Tie Colors - What Does it Mean by Wearing Certain Colored Ties? (

  • Navy: If you choose a deep navy company tie for your team it communicates, seriousness and a no-nonsense approach. 
  • Pale or dusty Blue: Choosing a light or dusty blue corporate tie for your team from the Vinuchi tie collection communicates “follow my dreams”, hope, and “We will get you to a brighter future.”
  • Sea Blue: With a touch of green in the mix, sea blue corporate ties denote depth, reassurance, wisdom and stability. Vinuchi tie manufacturers can incorporate a sea green stripe into your company tie if these are qualities that are important to you.
  • Royal Blue: This rich, warm blue, invites others to work with you and is a great tie colour for an entire team or company. 

Regardless of the colour message you’d like to communicate to customers Vinuchi tie manufacturers have the perfect colour combinations for your company.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of this article where we take a look at the “First Impressions” corporate tie, the “Promote Me” corporate tie, the “I’m The Boss” corporate tie and so much more...

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