May 12, 2021

Types of Ties on Demand

Ties are available in many different types, these being fashion ties, corporate ties, school ties and also special use ties or uniform ties.

Generally the length of a tie will be between 140cm and 150cm, this is for an adult tie, with the average being around 145cm, so a school tie that falls within this length will generally be a school tie made for senior scholars or high school students.


A junior school tie will generally measure between 130cm and 140cm, with the emphasis being on what age of child wears the school tie. In this case, if the school tie is worn by all junior scholars then the best length for the junior school tie will be 135cm.

Width is also an important attribute to a tie, regardless if it s school tie, corporate tie or fashion tie. Width of a tie can vary anywhere between 4cm and 9cm, however, with school ties, the width of a junior school tie would generally be around 7cm and for senior school ties, it will generally be between 8cm and 9cm.

Fashion ties can be anything between 4cm and 9cm depending on the manufacturer of the tie and the fashion at the time, currently there seems to be a preference by younger people to wear a thinner tie or a “skinny” tie while older people will tend to wear a tie around 8cm to 9cm in width.

With regards to uniform ties, the general length will be closer to 140cm and the width between 7cm and 8cm, the reason for this is to cut down on cost- it obviously costs less to make a shorter tie unless the uniform tie has a logo which then makes no difference.

Corporate Ties

When it comes to fabrics for fashion ties, corporate ties or school ties, there are really only 2 options, polyester print, (generally known as a sublimated tie) or woven fabric, (generally known as a woven tie.

It is also important to note that both of these tie variants are available in silk.

Polyester is a far cheaper fabric to use for a school tie, corporate tie or uniform tie than silk, generally silk ties are only sought after in the fashion environment. However, as a company, should you wish to have your corporate tie made from silk, this is absolutely possible, Vinuchi can assist with silk ties.

Polyester is a hardier fabric, so for example, it would make no sense to make a school tie from silk, it simply will not last, it will get dirty quickly and silk is difficult to wash and not withstanding this, the cost of a silk school tie would be astronomical compared to a polyester tie which is the general norm.

Custom Ties

When it comes to the difference between a woven tie and a polyester tie, it all boils down to taste. Historically, many of the school ties were manufactured using woven fabric. Although this is still the case, the school tie in a sublimated version is becoming more and more acceptable.

A printed or sublimated tie can often have more benefits that a woven tie especially when it comes to design. A printed school or corporate tie can be bolder in colour than a woven school tie or corporate tie simply because a printed colour generally stands out more than that of a woven colour.

However, many schools for example will not veer from the tradition of woven ties simply because it is what they have always had and there is not reason to change their current school tie from a woven school tie to a printed school tie.

Woven fabric, especially as a school tie is way more likely to fray at the bottom than a printed school tie, simply because the process of weave of base fabric for print purposes results in a tighter weave than woven fabric which tends to be a looser weave or more flexible and more prone to pulling, but having said that, given the right design, a woven school tie can often look more stunning than a printed school tie.

Branded Ties

When it comes to corporate ties, the preference over the last 10 years has moved towards a printed corporate tie. The reason for this, again is versatility and boldness of design compared to a woven corporate tie.

However, there is also a big demand for woven corporate ties especially in those companies who insist on keeping tradition, this is wonderful as tradition is important and very often, a woven corporate tie is deemed as being more upmarket than a printed corporate tie, which is not really the case but perception is everything.

For example, many clubs who long ago adopted a woven tie as their club tie will not move from a woven tie to a printed tie simply because it is not part of their tradition and frankly, a printed tie would not suit the environment.

In the longrun, whether it is a corporate tie, school tie or club tie, both printed ties and woven ties have their place, it is simply a matter of preference as to what fabric should be used to construct the new tie.

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