May 4, 2021

Why a Corporate Scarf is Priceless in 2021

A ladies corporate scarf can be very corporate or fashionably corporate. For example, it can be plain and have stripes one or more logo’s and be exactly what is required for the job it needs to do, this would generally be recognised as a purely uniform type scarf with no or little connection to fashion.

This type of ladies corporate scarf would generally be worn in a retail , banking or security environment.

Corporate Scarves

A  corporate scarf such as this definitely has a part to play because of the fact that it is purely a corporate uniform item, worn for recognition and designed to further advertise the brand it carries.

Back in the day, this is pretty much how every corporate scarf was designed until one day a fashion corporate scarf was designed.

Vinuchi was one of the first companies to introduce a fashion corporate scarf into our offering for ladies neck-wear, we are very proud of this achievement. Together with our brilliant designers, we were able to ensure that a fashionable ladies corporate scarf became more the norm than the exception.

Our designers, when looking at the logo for example will find every way possible to use the logo in a fashionable form throughout the design of the corporate scarf should the requirement be to link the logo to the scarf as the fashion element.

This can sometimes be achieved by breaking up the logo if permitted and using it in the design of the corporate scarf to resemble fashion icons.

Corporate Scarves

It takes highly skilled designers to put together a corporate scarf design as a fashionable nice to wear garment, they need to be able to link a corporate look and feel to a fashion requirement from many ladies that the corporate scarf they wear should be representative of the company they work for or are associated with but should be fashionable enough to wear with confidence.

Fabrics also play a big part in a corporate scarf, as a manufacturer, Vinuchi needs to ensure that the fabrics we use to manufacture our corporate scarves are easy to wear, cool and feminine.

Corporate scarves whether fashion or purely corporate related are an important addition to any uniform or office dress, it is important that this is always taken into account which is what we take pride in at Vinuchi.

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